1. You have owl EVERYTHING, and they have taken over your entire life.

2. Cardinal and Straw are your favorite colors.

3. Beyonce's "XO" was really about us (all hail queen B).

4. Our new members are not pledges, they are baby hooties!

5. You live the Chi Omega symphony everyday, have it memorized, and quote it at least weekly.

6. We have the easiest hand sign, and everyone loves it.

7. You're not exactly sure what it means to be womanly always, but you are. Getting a lil sassy? "Be womanly always." Swap costume a little too risqué? "Be womanly always."

8. You’re a part of the LARGEST sorority in the nation.

9. You don't find Skull and Crossbones creepy at all.

10. “Forming the Chi” is your go-to dance move.

11. We strive for the best grades on campus because everyone knows we place scholarship before social obligation.

12. Even though we might be the smartest girls in the world, we also know how to have the most fun, didn't you know nerds party the hardest?

13. Chi Omega exceeds the national all women's grade point average (GPA) and national all-sorority GPA with a 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

14. You will never take your letters for granted because you have never been more proud to be apart of something so much bigger than yourself.

15. You decided to join the best sisterhood in the nation.

16. You understand the meaning behind being "lovable rather than popular”

17. XO means more than just hugs and kisses.

18. We spoil our New Members the most and the longest.

19. Everything about our ritual is sacred, and you fell in love with it.

20. You did not become a Chi Omega on accident or by chance, we are #SistersOnPurpose

21. You turn up Luke Bryan’s “Sorority Girl” when it comes on because #WeMadeIt

22. The love you have for your sisters is almost as much as the love you have for Make-A-Wish.

23. Shouting “Hootie Hoo” when anything good happens.

24. You get excited when Angela Kinsey puts anything chi-o themed on Instagram.

25. Chi O’s are EVERYWHERE and it is a huge perk.

26. You already know you're going to cry when your sisters sing "shades" at your wedding.

27. All of your sisters comment all over a picture when your chapter is featured on Chi Omega national social media. What’s the point of Teen Vogue when you have Instagram?

28. David Letterman described us as,"Chi O's were ideal partners for all occasions. They were discrete, desirable, tactful, polite, and fun..Every mom dreamed of her son coming home with a Chi Omega, a woman's woman.”

29. You will never take your letters for granted.

30. You've got love for ALL your Chi Omegas.