Let's be honest, some people REALLY care about how their hair looks while others really just don't care. Depending on your schedule and how much time you have to mess with your type of hair. For those of us that have really long hair, well we have to add a few more minutes to do our hair. My mother used to spend quite a few minutes, when I was younger, trying to untangle my hair with a brush! Personally, I am a person that usually doesn't spend a whole lot of time on my hair because I go to practice is the wee hours of the morn ing and I have class for the most part of the day. However, there is one hairstyle that has become my go to hair style and I use it for practice and for nice events as well! The classic bun! My friends know that I usually wear my bun right on the top of my head and it looks like an ice cream cone! Sometimes I go to a low bun if I am heading to an interview or something for my business classes. The bun is such a classic and sleek look and it will look great wherever you go!

1. Gym

2. Interviews

3. Weddings

4. Restaurants

5. Dancing

6. Class

7. Work

8. Home

9. Bars

10. On The Beach

11. Running Marathons

12. At The Lake

13. Rowing

14. Hiking

15. Games

16. Giving a Presentation

17. Speech Meets (If you are a speech person!)

18. Trap Meets (If you happen to shoot trap!)

19. Horseback Riding

20. At The Pool

21. Sports Of Any Kind

22. On A Cruise

23. Going To Disney World or Disneyland

24. Hunting

25. Going To The Zoo

26. Concerts

27. County Fairs

28. State Fairs

29. Church

30. Banquets

No matter where you go, the bun should be your next go to look!