Before going to college I heard about the safety issues women face while attending a university. And although I knew that I would have to be careful and take more caution in the way I lived, I didn't expect for college boys to be so weird. While I haven't met any particularly heinous characters yet, here are a few whose mothers did not love well.

1. The Yeller

I'm walking to my car in the middle of the day during the week and some fool rolls his window down as he's driving past and yells at me. No actual words, no catcalling, just sound coming out of his mouth. I jumped, understandably, and I guess that was his goal? He was my least favorite out of this bunch.

2. Candy Guy

This particular fellow and his buddies yelled at me and a group of girls I was walking with, asking if we wanted to get in his car because he had candy. Sometimes I wonder if boys like this are so socially stunted that they have to resort to creepy jokes in order to get attention. Or maybe he was just wasted. But my best guess is it was a solid combination of the two.

3. Grocery Store Joe

While doing my weekly grocery shopping, a young man came up to me and asked if I went to Baylor. I responded that I do and thus began a five minute conversation that left me feeling like maybe my identity was about to get stolen or this man had time warped from a decade where it's socially acceptable to just walk up to someone and start asking them questions about their life while they're trying to buy peanut butter. Regardless, he was favorite because he didn't ask for my number or pickpocket me. Oh, the standards we set for men these days.

To summarize, college will undoubtedly leave you with some strange encounters with boys who haven't been raised right. Remember, raise your pepper spray in the air and wave it like you just don't care. Or use your keys to transform yourself into Wolverine. Or just go with a buddy. The point is, stay safe ladies, it's a jungle out there.