27 Signs You Attend Binghamton University
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Student Life

27 Signs You Attend Binghamton University

We're forever undefeated.

27 Signs You Attend Binghamton University

Life as a Binghamton University student include the following truths and realities:

1. You never wake up with the hope that is is sunny, because it never is.

2. The weather sometimes fluctuates from 60 degrees to 20 degrees in a matter of hours.

Which then turns into a blizzard.

3. Lost Dog is always the place to go when in need of "real food."

4. Night Owl is your primary way of not just procrastinating, but also gaining the freshman 15.

5. Forget about parking; you're most likely going to have to walk miles back to your room from your spot.

6. Depending on where you are on campus, the water is better than in other places.

Some say that in Newing, the showers smell like chlorine, and others say that CIW has the best drinking water.

7. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast on the weekends will fill you up for the entire day.

8. You definitely have a favorite Sodexo worker.

9. The addition of a Subway and Starbucks on campus changed the way we live.

10. Clearview is in the middle of nowhere, and when you have to go there, you practically pack a hiking bag.

11.You only go to UP for sushi on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Otherwise, the sushi is exceptionally overpriced.

12. When Insomnia Cookies opened there, a miracle happened.

13. You spent a lot of money on Binghamton spirit day apparel, including facial tattoos, to never use or wear them.

14. The library is a maze.

15. And the elevators are absolutely petrifying, reminding you that the Tower of Terror in Disney World is based off of the building.

16. There has been construction on campus for so long that you don't even remember the purpose of it.

17. You find people sleeping in the most random places (and are always quick to take a picture to send to your friends).

18. Every health guru would rather be eating at Core Life.

19. The walk to the gym is a workout within itself, including the hill that you have to take to get back to main campus.

20. Class being canceled feels like a Christmas miracle.

21. You have pride in knowing that our football team will forever and always be undefeated.

22. In the spring, you look forward to photoshoots in the nature preserve.

23. Meeting someone that isn't from Long Island always sparks some sort of interesting conversation.

24. You have better luck catching a cold than a cab going downtown.

25. You refuse to pay more than four dollars for a taxi, and if they try to charge you more, you find a different ride.

26. Wegmans feels like home.

27. You have absolutely no idea what a bearcat is.

While there are many struggles that Binghamton students face while on campus, there is, and always will be, love for their university. Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat.

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