There is usually, noting a few rogue exceptions, a general consensus amongst people that ice cream is one of the best treats in the dessert game. Many people tend to only use this delectable snack to celebrate a particular occasion, or to praise a job well done, in order to avoid overindulging in the special treat. I, on the other hand, have yet to find an inappropriate time to eat ice cream. It has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, so every time the opportunity to eat ice cream presents itself to me, I lack the self-control needed to refrain from eating the creamy snack. I even go out of my way to find excuses to eat ice cream. Here are 27 reasons to eat ice cream (guilt-free).

27. You're sad.

Obviously, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Nothing like ice cold creamery to numb the pain.

26. It's finals week.

No reason to cry over all of the projects you have due. Cry over ice cream, like an adult.

25. Finals week ends.

Celebratory scoop of deliciousness? Make it two.

24. You were dumped.

Calories don't count in matters of the heart.

23. You begin a new relationship.

The calories count, but it's not like you need to impress anyone now.

22. There are sprinkles.

Or any other fantastic toppings that may be lying around.

21. You need a midnight snack.

Chocolate cravings are real.

20. The ice cream is free.

Free is always better.

19. The ice cream is homemade.

Less processing, so its healthier...I think.

18. It's warm outside.

Cool down with a nice sundae.

17. You hear the ice cream bell on the beach.

It's like a church bell. May the fudgie-wudgie man be with you.

16. The ice cream is on sale.

It may not be free, but a fair discount is incentive enough to delight in an ice cream cone.

15. During the winter.

It may sound silly, but if you eat it while bundled up in a heated room you can trick yourself into thinking it's summer.

14. There is a commercial break.

Everybody knows commercial breaks are designated snack times.

13. White shirts are boring.

A nice chocolate stain looks good on virtually anyone.

12. You need more calcium in your diet.

Health comes first.

11. You went to the gym.

You have earned a hardy helping of ice cream.

10. Scooping ice cream builds arm muscle.

Why lift when you can scoop?

9. Scooping ice cream builds character.

Trying to scoop from a tub of frozen ice cream takes some serious determination.

8. You know someone is having a bad day.

Best way to make someone smile is to feed them...with ice cream.

7. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Every hour I am eating ice cream is happy hour.

6. Because you only eat dinner for dessert anyway.

No, I am not eating this broccoli for pleasure.

5. When you are trying to woo someone.

Do I want to go for ice cream? SWOON.

4. Because you can't have cake without ice cream.

Well you can, but why would you do that?

3. It's raining.

Eating ice cream is an activity and we all want to feel productive on a rainy day.

2. You pass an ice cream shop.

No one wants to be the outsider looking in.

1. Because you have a spoon.

Mine as well put it to good use!

Lets be real, there is never a reason NOT to eat ice cream. Someone who tells you otherwise is not someone you need in your life.