What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your Love Life
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What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your Love Life

Nothing says summer like a good romance and some ice cream.

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your Love Life

What goes hand-in-hand with summer more than some ice cream and a good summer romance? Not much if you ask me. Believe it or not, the ice cream flavor you're scooping up this summer, whether it be with your spoon as you sob into it upset over your single-ness or in the cone your cute new boo buys for you on a date, says a lot more about your love life than you may realize.

1. Vanilla - Your love life is pretty uneventful, but that's okay.

Just like the expected-ness of spooning into some vanilla ice cream, if your favorite flavor is vanilla, you can expect the same old same in your love life. There aren't many twists and turns. You're either completely single, without anyone in your DMs, or in a relationship that's consistent and honestly probably a little boring. You're alright with that, though. A dramatic love life isn't something you're interested in.

2. Chocolate - You crave dramatic romances.

A chocolate ice cream lover wants a love life full of drama. Break-ups, make-ups, twists and turns — the more, the merrier. You want the screaming and fighting because it keeps your life interesting.

3. Strawberry - You've been in a committed relationship for quite some time.

Strawberry lovers are the best kind of lovers. Your love life is all pink and rosy like your favorite summer treat. Perhaps you'll be hearing wedding bells soon, too?

4. Chocolate Chip - You've been single for a long time.

Just like many of us tend to forget about chocolate chip ice cream, a chocolate chip ice cream lover is also typically forgotten. You've got the kind of personality that takes you back to chocolate chip ice cream on a summer night at your grandma's house and you're the type that everyone WANTS to take home to the family. Too bad that you're overlooked and single.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip - You've been single for a long time and you're NOT okay with it.

You want more than anything to just be in a relationship. Any type of relationship. With anyone. Right now. Your singleness has gone on for too long, and quite frankly, you're over it.

6. Cookies 'N Cream - You're an active participant in hookup culture.

You may technically be single, but that doesn't mean you're lonely. Cookies 'N Cream lovers are the kind of people who don't mind casual sex. In fact, that's all you're probably looking for right now.

7. Cookie Dough - You're still stuck on an ex.

There's just something about loving cookie dough ice cream that screams "I still cry over my ex in bed while watching sad videos sometimes". It happens to the best of us but happens to you a little bit more.

8. Neapolitan - Your love life changes depending on the day.

Look. It's hard to have anything consistent when your favorite kind of ice cream is an actual mix. One minute, you're crying in bed over someone and the next minute you're locking lips with another meet-cute at the club. You're keeping it interesting, though, which is something worth being envious of. Kudos to you!

9. Butter Pecan - You're a hopeless romantic who craves an old-soul kind of love, but that's not what you get.

You want the kind of love your grandparents had — meeting in a cute way, having your date pick you up at the front door, asking your father for permission every step of the way. Sadly, in a swipe-obsessed world, that isn't the kind of love you're finding. You're stuck in the mess of hookup culture and "u up?" texts. You don't want to settle for less than you want and deserve, but you're having a hard time finding what you really want, and you also don't want to be alone.

10. Rocky Road - Your relationships are always messy.

How could someone who loves ice cream with the word "rocky" in the title NOT have a messy love life? It has the drama of those who love chocolate ice cream with a couple of extra twists and turns along the way. Yikes.

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