1. Find a Park

You don’t necessarily have to go to it, I suppose, just find where it is.

2. Look at Stars

Look at a light pollution map, find a dark area, drive there, and look at the sky (works best at night).

3. Watch a Film

Find something classy, like indie films that look like the entire thing has the Clarendon filter over it.

4. Go to a Library

I always forget how much I love libraries. Bruh, the entire place smells like old books and they’re ALL FREE. You can just take ‘em. Amazing.

5. Cook Something from a Video You Saw on Facebook

Technically, you're supposed to eat every day anyway, so no extra expense.

6. Draw Something

It doesn’t have to look good; just say that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, like a Picasso.

7. Exist

Just chill on this ride through space, fam.

8. Make a Website

Then you can update everyone with things you think they want to know, for some reason.

9. Read a Blog

Preferably about something incredibly specific and nuanced. Become an expert and tell all your friends.

10. Start a Blog

Preferably about something incredibly specific and nuanced. Become an expert and show all your friends by linking it to your website.

11. Transcend this Plane of Existence

Nothing says “cultured” quite like superseding your corporeal form.

12. Go on a Picnic

Basket: optional.

Tiny sandwiches: mandatory.

13. Start Learning a Language

Even just a couple words is a good start.

14. Speak with Computers

Learning a language = fancy. Computers = fancy. Learning computer code = nerd, somehow. You should still do it though.

15. Memorize a Poem

You never know when you’ll need it.

16. Call Your Legislators

Nothing is more cultured than being an involved citizen!

17. Do More Push-ups

You know who valued physical exercise? Leonardo da Vinci.

18. Run.


19. Take Super Aesthetic-y Photos for your Instagram

Be the aesthetic you want to see in your feed.

20. Make a Mini-Movie on your Snapchat

Or just take more videos of your dog wandering around your house. Up to you.

21. Collage Something

Video collage, photo collage, paper collage - it all works.

22. Write Letters to Your Friends

Bonus points for delivering through the mail.

23. Write Letters to Your Enemies

Bonus points for delivering by trained hawk.

24. Write Literally Anything

You could write the next great American novel. You probably won't but like, you could, theoretically.

25. Start a Dream Journal

Lucid dreaming is just the next step toward real-life Inception, I promise.

26. Study, I guess

You probably need to tbh.

27. Hang Out at Coffee Shops

The more obscure the better, and you can only go to Starbucks ironically.