27 Reasons Why Notre Dame Is The Best College In The Country
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27 Reasons Why Notre Dame Is The Best College In The Country

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27 Reasons Why Notre Dame Is The Best College In The Country

"To those who know Notre Dame, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation will suffice" - Lou Holtz

As a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame, I turn to this quote often when asked by family and friends why I love my school so much. I'm sure that any student there would agree with me - Notre Dame is the best college in the country.

And here's 27 reasons why:

1. The academics are top-notch.

U.S. News ranks Notre Dame as the 16th best university in the nation, it is directly tied with Brown and Vanderbilt. The University offers eight different colleges, such as business and architecture, and each is well-known and special in its own regard.

2. The football program is unparalleled.

Notre Dame game days are different from any other day of the year. The entire student body, along with ND fans across the nation, come together for an amazing experience and wholeheartedly supporting our team. Win or lose, there's no denying that the culture of ND football simply cannot be beat.

3. In fact, our entire sports program is pretty phenomenal.

ND is the home of over 25 varsity NCAA Division I athletic teams, and it's proud of each and every one of them. Last year, the men's basketball team made it into the elite 8, and the women's basketball team went all the way to the championship. And the student body was ecstatic to cheer them on every step of the way.

4. Three words: Hip. Hop. Night.

I don't care what Disney World says, Hip Hop night is the place where dreams come true. From the awkward dancing to the overly aggressive DJs, hip hop night is a truly unique yet magical ND experience.

5. Dorm Life > Greek Life.

ND might not have Greek life, but it has something even better: Dorm Life. With 29 single-sex dorms on campus, each one boasts a strong and unique sense of community. The best part is that freshman housing assignments are random, so each dorm (and the community within) is diverse in the best way possible. It's kind of like the sorting hat. ND knows where you belong, even if you don't. Each one typically holds an annual signature event, like Stanford Hall's Rave for the Brave, a rave which is planned to support war vets each fall.

6. The dessert game in the dining hall is STRONG.

Whether you're loyal to NDH or SDH, the dessert selection in both is always on point. Even if there's no reese's pie or birthday cake ice cream, there is comfort in knowing that the froyo machine will always be in service. And there will ALWAYS be sprinkles.

7. There's always something to do and somewhere to go.

On any given weekend, there are at least three events happening somewhere on campus. Whether it's Lakeside Music Festival, Holi, or a mini-food tasting in LaFun Ballroom, there's always someplace to go to take a study break.

8. The student body is extremely driven, but we like to have fun, too.

While it may sound cocky, it's no secret that Notre Dame isn't an easy school to get accepted into. Every single student at ND put in effort to get there, and knows how to work hard. But we also know how to play hard. After a long week spent slaving away over textbooks in club Hes, there's nothing we love more than a weekend filled with partying and relaxation. Tour De Franzia, anyone?

9. Spirituality is present, but not forced.

courtesy of instagram: @heatherlennon

With a chapel in every dorm and dorm masses held twice every week, there's a ton of opportunity to connect with your faith and strengthen your spirituality. Most ND students capitalize on this opportunity and attend mass in the Basilica or pray and light a candle at the Grotto. But if Jesus isn't really your thing, the only forced Catholicism you'll face is a meatless dining hall on Fridays during Lent.

10. We have a f*cking Golden Dome.

What other university can say that in the center of campus, right in the middle of everything, they have a giant dome painted with real gold? That's right. Notre Dame can. Anybody else? Didn't think so.

11. Most of the students are the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

I mostly credit this to the fact that a decent portion of our student body comes from Minnesota. And you haven't seen nice until you've met a Minnesotan. I'm pretty sure the Minnesotans spread their kind attitudes like bees pollinating a flower patch because almost everyone is super friendly. No matter where you are on campus, you're sure to see a stranger with a smile on his face, ready to greet you with a wave in passing.

12. Everyone LOVES to exercise (or pretends to).

There are two types of people who go to ND: The people who casually run a 10K, and the people who see the casual 10Kers and drag themselves through a sh*tty two mile run. I belong to that second group, and when I run it looks more like a horse with a broken leg trying to finish the race. But, I do want to give a shoutout to those natural-born athletes. Keep doin' you.


One word: Feve. Feve is perhaps the best thing Notre Dame has to offer. Every single Thursday you can hear students around campus asking their friends the sacred question: "you feve-ing tonight?". The answer is almost always yes. With cheap drinks and a security staff that prefers a $10 bill to a valid ID, Feve is truly a good time for all.

14. The campus is absolutely STUNNING.

image courtesy of Notre Dame

Even on days when you're running late for Theology and sprinting across South Quad, it's impossible to overlook how absolutely beautiful campus is. Whether it's snowing, windy, or sunny with a high of 75, Notre Dame's campus is a sight to be seen.

15. The ND Alumni Network is insanely huge (and very helpful).

image courtesy of Notre Dame

Notre Dame has over 270 alumni clubs across the nation, and current students are encouraged to reach out to alumni for help in finding work. The only people who love ND more than current students are alumni. When you meet one, the first thing they'll ask you is your name, and the second is what dorm you live in. Then they'll tell you incredible stories about when they went to ND. And then, they'll probably help you get a job in some way or another.

16. You can get coffee basically anywhere.

Not only are there places to buy the sweet nectar of the gods (coffee) in every academic building, but also in several non-academic facilities. Sometimes you need that quick fix in between classes, and at ND there's ALWAYS somewhere to get it.

17. We have tons of charity events.

*Disclaimer: most of these events seduce students into participating with the promise of a free tee-shirt or water bottle. And sh*t, does it work.*

From monthly blood drives, to The Bald and The Beautiful, to The Holy Half Marathon, Notre Dame loves to raise money or collect donations for those in need.

18. Notre Dame Graduates are super-employable.

Notre Dame boasts a 96% graduation rate, with 98% of undergraduates finding employment or continuing their education within six months of graduating. Considering that the job market is not its finest, and that I *cannot* move back in with my parents post-grad, I think that's pretty neat. Get employed like a champion today.

19. The late, great hero Father Hesburgh was the University's President for 35 years.

image courtesy of Notre Dame.

Even after resigning as president in 1987, Father Hesburgh lived on the top floor of the University's library, which bares his name, until his death in February of 2015. He said mass at least once a week, and met with groups of freshman to tell them about Notre Dame and his incredible experiences. You can read more about him here: http://hesburgh.nd.edu.

20. We offer a ton of need-based financial aid so that anyone who deserves to attend ND can.

Notre Dame is one of 69 schools in the nation that's committed to meeting the full financial need demonstrated by undergraduate students for all four years. For the 2014-2015 school year, ND offered over $28 million dollars in aid--to the freshman class alone. Take it from me, an independent student on a scholarship, that ND's financial aid is truly incredible.

21. The student body is the perfect size.

With an undergraduate population of about 8,500, Notre Dame is small enough that after a semester, you'll definitely know a person or two in each of your classes. However, its also large enough that you can hook up with someone at feve and never have to seem them again. *phew*

22. No matter where you go in an ND tee-shirt, you're bound to hear "GO IRISH"!

Whether it's a during a quick trip to the pharmacy or when you're sitting in an airport waiting for a flight, if you're wearing an ND cap or shirt, someone is sure to yell "Go Irish!" in your direction. And you smile and yell it right back. Because we're the school everyone loves to love.

23. We had JESSE MOTHERF*CKING MCCARTNEY as a spring concert.

This spring, Jmac himself came to perform at Notre Dame. When he played Beautiful Soul, girls cried, boys cried, and Touchdown Jesus even cried. And it was pretty freakin' awesome.

24. We have a Taco Bell…and it's open until 4am.

That's right…you heard me. Taco Bell. Open until 4 am. 'Nuff said.

25. Notre Dame is focused on helping you grow as an individual, not just as a student.

image courtesy of hollykaw.alltop.com

Lou Holtz said it best when he wrote, "You don't go to Notre Dame to learn something; you go to Notre Dame to be somebody". At ND-- through retreats, mission trips, and countless opportunities to study abroad-- the focus is on building you as a person, not a student or employee.

26. ND is like Olive Garden: when you're there, you're family.

The second you step onto Notre Dame's campus as a student, you immediately become part of the ND family. Between the incredible sense of community, standing traditions, and amazing people you meet there, your years at ND will be the best of your life. No matter what you do or where you go, Notre Dame will always hold a piece of your heart, and will always feel like home.

27. Last, but certainly not least: 37-0.

image courtesy of Notre Dame.

Suck it, Michigan.

In conclusion,

God. Country. Notre Dame.

Love Thee.

*note: all gifs courtesy of giphy.com

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