25 Thoughts Everyone Has Traveling Alone In The Boonies

I gave up my spring break to travel to Arkansas and see my sister rather than going to the beach with college friends. Driving through the mountains alone, I had many thoughts about going through the "boonies," aka the middle of nowhere. With no cell phone service to count on the GPS, sometimes you just have to follow the roads. I will admit I was speeding at times just until I spotted a state trooper.

Next time you travel through the boonies, I hope you can relate to my thoughts too.

1. What should I pack?

2. Do I need these shoes? 

3. What's the weather?

4. Should I bring my blow dryer?

5. Time to get this show on the road.

6. What song should I play next?

7. *Gas light comes on* *Eyes roll*

8. I don't want to stop again.

9. Stops again for food

10. I'm so bored.

11. Can this car go any slower?


13. I really need caffeine.

14. Where the hell am I?

15. *No phone service* *Eyes roll again*

16. Does this road ever end?

17. Where's the next exit?

18. How do people even live here?

19. Oh, the trees are pretty.

20. This place is creepy.

21. I've got to pee.

22. Is there even a gas station nearby?

23. These people must be hillbillies

24. I hope there's not a cop.

25. Can I be there already?

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