25 Things You Don't Know About Before College
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Student Life

25 Things You Don't Know About Before College

The truth about going to college.

25 Things You Don't Know About Before College

Starting college is a fun and exciting time for many students. As a high schooler you learn about the different majors colleges offer, what the campuses look like, and about how much college is going to cost, as well as some other helpful information. Some of the things students aren't told about, is what happens once you arrive in the fall. Like for instance, what it's like actually being a college student. Here are 25 things that most college students learn within their first year.

1. Textbooks are expensive

In high school textbooks were always given to you by your teacher for the duration of your class. In college you not only have to go out and find the right textbook your teacher is requiring for your class, but it's most likely going to cost you a fortune.

2. Your dishes don't disappear.

Nobody else is going to wash your dishes. Avoid the pile in the sink and just wash your own dishes as you use them.

3. You get the ability to choose your class schedule.

No more 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. schedules! If you like to sleep in don't schedule yourself an early morning class. Learn whether you're a morning person or a night owl and schedule your classes accordingly.

4. Planners are a gift from God.

Buy a planner. Use it. Color code it if you need to, staying organized is essential to being successful.

5. Eating alone isn't weird

I know that before now you wouldn't be caught dead eating lunch by yourself at school, but just realize that it's honestly not weird. You don't need someone to go with you to eat! Just plug in your headphones and spend some time alone. Plus, nobody cares if you eat by yourself or if you're eating with thirty other people. We're all hungry, we get it.

6. Naps are essential

Maybe you think you're too cool for naps... but you're not. Naps are essential to keeping your cool throughout the day. Learn how to power nap and you'll be better rested and happier too.

7. You have to pay for your test Scantrons.

What? Pay for your test Scantrons?! Yeah. You need to do it, or you'll be that one guy in a lecture hall of 300 who doesn't have a Scantron and can't take their test.

8. You aren't supposed to microwave your cup of noodles in the styrofoam cup it comes in.

What? I know.

9. Everything is expensive.

Everything costs, and when you're in college and you have no money you start to realize how expensive everything is. Save your money for college. If you have a job while at school learn to budget your paychecks, you never know when you need to go out and buy a book or supplies for a class.

10. Relationships with your closest friends become priceless.

Call them. Tell them you miss them. Show that you still care, and are thinking about them.

11. You don't have to dress up for class

Just don't do it.

12. If class starts at 12 noon, that means be there by 11:45 a.m.

You don't want to be late and even if you aren't technically late, but you show up only a few minutes before class starts you'll most likely get a bad seat. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

13. Sitting in the front of class is not lame.

Sitting in the front is the best spot to sit actually because then you aren't looking over peoples heads to see the notes, and you don't have to awkwardly squeeze in front of people as you try to get to the middle of a narrow row. Also, if you're in the front row you're more likely to stay engaged throughout the class.

14. Student loans may seem great now, but they will haunt you later.

You don't want to come out of college with $100k in student loans, and find yourself unable to get a job that pays you enough to pay off your debt. Your debt will only grow, and you'll wish you hadn't done that to yourself. If money is a problem consider going to a junior college for two years first. Be smart.

15. Your professors want to see you in their office hours

Professors spend countless hours on campus waiting for students to come in and talk to them! Even if you understand the subject, go introduce yourself and start a relationship with your teacher. In the long run they will appreciate you for that, and remember you when grading comes around.

16. Skipping class is actually you ripping up your own money.

You are paying thousands of dollars to go to college. Each class breaks down to be a certain amount of money. If you decide to take a nap instead of attending your classes for the day -- well, you just took an expensive nap. Don't skip class to hang out with your friends either. They aren't going to give you the money you're wasting by not going.

17. You can sleep, study, and party as much as you want -- but you can only pick two.

Enough said.

18. Renting textbooks is a great option.

Don't waste your money! Your school's bookstore is probably ripping you off with their prices, so avoid purchasing your books from them. Look online at Amazon or Chegg. Renting your books means you have to keep them in good condition, and you return them after the semester... but it's way cheaper!

19. Being undeclared is not a bad thing.

Being undeclared just means you're keeping your options open, and you're being realistic in the idea that you are probably going to change your mind on what you want to study. People change their major so many times anyways so who cares. Plus, if you're undeclared schools will often send you information on different majors, which is always helpful if you aren't sure what you want to study.

20. The freshmen 15 is a myth, but maybe you shouldn't eat that last Oreo.

You aren't going to suddenly gain 15 pounds by going to college. You can gain that weight, though, if you have a bad diet and lack of exercise. So take some time out of your day to go workout, and this myth will be just that -- a myth.

21. No homework doesn't mean you have no homework.

You should always be doing something for your classes, if you aren't there's something wrong. You'll basically always have weekly reading, and even though that isn't typically spelled out you should be doing it anyways. You should always go over your notes from your classes, and just study, study, study.

22. Just because you're enrolled in a class doesn't guarantee you a seat.

Get to your classes early like I said before. If your class has a wait list, then most likely those students on the wait list are going to show up and take a seat. Get there early and avoid standing against the wall for a class that you are actually enrolled in.

23. Buy a cheaper bike, but an expensive lock.

Avoid getting your bike stolen. An expensive bike is a hot commodity, so get a mediocre bike and keep it off the radar. Buy an expensive lock that will get the job done, and prevent theft.

24. On-campus jobs are the best jobs.

If you can get a job on-campus you're in luck. Most on campus jobs are flexible with your academic schedule, and help you create connections with people you may need later on.

25. You get the education you deserve.

I can't stress this enough! If you come to college determined to be successful, you will be. If you skip class, cheat, don't keep up on your studying; your grades will reflect that. It's not just about grades though, you're in college to learn (who would've guessed) and prepare you for your future. If you mess around in college you won't learn anything, and that'll just end up setting you back in the long run. Go to college and apply yourself, and you will learn more than you expect.

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