Lets be real, everyone says that they are ready to go back to school next month, but I promise you they aren't really. I think about how excited I am to go back all the time, but when I get to thinking about it, I really am not as excited as I want to be. Think about all the books you're going to have to get, all the syllabi you're going to have to read, how many times you actually have to introduce yourself to others, sooner or later things start to add up and get a little overwhelming. Although school can be really stressful sometimes, my mind likes to over exaggerate how terrible things are and put things in a really unrealistic way of thinking. Here are some things I would rather do than go by to school next month.

1. Buy a "Make America Great Again" hat and wearing it everywhere I go.

2. Make cookies, but accidentally burn them, and since I'm so lazy still eat them even though the taste is so gruesome.

3. Watch a foreign television show without subtitles.

4. Binge watch all Harry Potter movies in a day.

5. Wear all white to a BBQ.

6. Accidentally bleach all of my black t-shirts.

7. Attempt at making a perfect pancake that doesn't look like mountains on a map.

8. Go to the DMV on a Monday.

9. Put my hand in a bag of catnip for an hour then play with my kitten.

10. Do leg day everyday and forget about the arms.

11. Lay down for a nap only to remember you forgot to get something out of the car, and if you don't get it as soon as possible it would ruin it (example: candy bar).

12. Eat the chicken from the movie Bridesmaids and poop in the middle of the street like the bride did.

13. Get an acting role with Shaquille O'Neal.

14. Explain a silent film to a blind person.

15. Be the only girl in the book "Lord of the Flies."

16. Talk about football for more than 30 minutes.

17. Attend a sports event on campus that wasn't handing out free t-shirts or sunglasses.

18. Be in the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

19. Read the last chapter of every book I read before starting the book itself.

20. Not drink soda during finals week.

21. Take a drink from Bill Cosby.

22. Eat a dozen donuts, then run a marathon.

23. Get a tattoo by Ray Charles.

24. Go to a play with John Wilkes Booth.

25. Turn into an actual potato.