25 Things You Know To Be True If You've Ever Been To Summer Camp

25 Things You Know To Be True If You've Ever Been To Summer Camp

It's a good day to be at camp.

Summer camp is one of the best places to go.

It's the place you learn to try new thing, face fears, push your boundaries, and accept yourself. No matter how long you've been going to camp, you learn something new about yourself each time, which is the best part about going. That camp becomes your second home that you love more than your first home.

With that being said, here are 25 things that you should know if you've ever been to any summer camp:

1. You Could Only Wear Shoes With A Back On Them.

Good thing crocs are in style.

2. All The Best Camp Songs Seem To Involve A Death.


3. Stealing Food From The Kitchen Is The Highlight Of The Week.

Or when you get extra smores.

4. Trying To Find Out The Riddle For "Green Glass Door".

Harry Potter is allowed to go through the green glass door but Hermione is not.

5. Going To Walmart During Camp Time Is One Of The Best Adventures Ever.

It's the only piece of the real world you get during camp time.

6. Who Has The Best Watch Tan.

It's a camp-wide competition.

7. Lost And Found Actually Means If No One Claims It By The End Of The Week, I'm Taking It.

"I got this from lost and found" is what I hear about 10 times at the end of each week.

8. Duct Tape Fixes Just About Everything And If It Doesn't, Then That Thing Is Broken.

I'm sorry, but we don't carry round screwdrivers or hammers, but we always have duct tape.

9. The Need To Keep Everything Camp Appropriate.

By everything, I actually mean everything: the words coming out your mouth, the clothes you wear, music, movies, the games you play, and more.

10. You Can't Eat Peanuts.

This is when you learn that most things you love have peanuts in them.

11. The First Rule To Every Cabin Is To NOT DIE.

Last rule: HAVE FUN!

12. Before Buying A New T-Shirt, You Think About If You Would Wear This To Camp.

I end up not buying a lot of shirts because of this.

13. Mastering To Take A Shower In Four Minutes Or Less.

And practicing to do so when it gets close to camp time.

14. You Don't Get Homesick, But You Do Get Camp Sick.

I miss camp everyday I'm not there.

15. There Are Only Two Seasons-- Camp And Not Camp.

The not camp season is obviously the least favorite.

16. Worry About Going To Camp Instead Of Worrying About Paying Rent.

Camp is more important then anything else.

17. All You Want To Do Is Tie Dye.

There's so much tie dye in my closet.

18. Friendship Bracelets And Lanyards Are The Only Arts And Crafts You Want To Do.

Since this is the only craft everyone wants to do, you end up leaving with a lot more then you came with.

19. All You Want To Do Is Tell Camp Stories, But Your Friends Keep Looking At You Weird.

The looks get worse when you start singing camp songs.

20. Arranging Your Whole Summer Around Camp Because You Can't Miss It.

Sorry, but I can't make it to your graduation party, camp is at that time.

21. Your Favorite Shirts Are Camp Shirts.

It's like sponsoring camp since you wear the shirts so much.

22. You Have A Different Personality At Camp Than When You're Not At Camp.

Knowing if that's a good or bad thing will always be an unanswered question.

23. Missing Your Camp Friends Throughout The Year.

But you don't really miss your home friends while you're at camp.

24. Wanting To Work At Camp For The Rest Of Your Life.

I'm going to be the camp director one day! I promise you!

25. Knowing The Cup Song Before It Was In "Pitch Perfect".

Watching everyone struggle to learn it was funny.

Doesn't matter how long you've been going to camp, it's always a different experience and there is always that one summer that changes you that you will remember forever.

Cover Image Credit: Camp Timbers

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