25 Things to do When You're Bored This Summer
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25 Things to do When You're Bored This Summer

It will happen eventually.

25 Things to do When You're Bored This Summer
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Summer is coming quickly, and between the fantastic weather, plans with friends and lack of academic stress (for most of us), it will be full of activity. However, when that time in the summer comes with nothing to do, here’s a list of ideas, when alone or with friends, to keep the fun going.

1. Go on a hike

Nature is peaceful, and you can spend some time learning how to be present. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Call or Skype someone:

Your friends or family would love to catch up with you. It's always fun to spend time with people you care about, even from far away.

3. Play a video game/computer game:

Perfect for the hottest days outside, at least it improves problem-solving. Play with a group for some friendly competition.

4. Bake or cook:

Food is appreciated by everyone. Bonus points if you give it to someone "just because."

5. Go to the beach/lake/pool:

Without a doubt, any body of water is the best way to beat the summer heat. Bring snacks, a book and lots of sunscreen for a day in the sun.

6. See a movie:

Be proactive and watch the next summer blockbuster so your friends won’t have to spoil it for you. Turn your brain off and enjoy the action and/or romance.

7. Hang out with friends:

No matter how you feel about planning, everyone can enjoy some unscheduled, spontaneous fun with a good friend or group. Be sure to let them know you're coming first!

8. Go to a museum:

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to wallow in ignorance! Learn something new and enjoy the A/C.

9. Take a nap, inside or outside:

This is what summer's for, right?! Indulge your laziness like you couldn’t during the year (or keep the streak going if you did).

10. Walk around downtown:

Even in a small town, you might find somewhere new. You might run into an old friend.

11. Run through the sprinklers:

Play like you’re a little kid again, with waterslides or jumping on a wet trampoline. If you're babysitting, the kids will love you.

12. Play Frisbee, tennis, soccer or any sport outside:

Take advantage of the weather while it lasts and hone your motor skills. Try a new sport for a challenge.

13. Go shopping:

Search for the newest trends or find the greatest sales for out-of-season items. Window-shopping and people-watching are great, too.

14. Do chores:

Get ‘em done and make your parents/housemates proud. A clean house keeps you from getting stressed and sick.

15. Draw, write, or color:

Even if you're awful, you won’t get graded. Let your creativity flow from what inspires you.

16. Go on a run:

A great opportunity to think, to strengthen your heart and muscles, to see the city or country. Go in the early morning or near dusk to beat the heat.

17. Daydream:

Why not? You finally have the time.

18. Walk the dog:

Whether your dog or a friend’s dog, he or she will thank you. Get lots of furry hugs!

19. Spend time with family:

As much as they drive you nuts, they love you. Try to find out what their interests are and ask them for stories you've never heard before.

20. Do crafts:

Be creative and make something fun. Use materials you already have, and repurpose old things with paint, stencils, fabric and other supplies.

21. Teach yourself to juggle:

The quintessential useless skill. Start with fruit, then work your way up to knives.

22. Get a haircut/dye your hair:

It's time for a change. Mix it up and go traditional, dramatic or trendy and find your favorite look.

23. Paint your nails:

Try a new color or even some tricky designs. Share colors with friends to save money.

24. Find new music:

Turn off the radio and get lost in the time suck that is YouTube. The "Similar Artists" feature on Spotify is helpful, too.

25. Read a book:

To me, nothing says summer more than sitting under a tree with a book in hand, enjoying the light breeze. Pick from a wide range of titles to augment your vocabulary and explicate your perspective.

If you’ve made it to the end of the list, congratulations! You will have noticed that none of these include binge-watching Netflix, which is a favorite low-impact pastime of many. The challenge to you this summer is to see how creative you can be—fight the siren call of the television or computer to do something memorable, so when you return in the fall you have a great story to tell.

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