22 Things You Still Ask Your Parents While Attempting To Adult
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22 Things You Still Ask Your Parents While Attempting To Adult

"So wait, how does health insurance work...?"

22 Things You Still Ask Your Parents While Attempting To Adult

Are you in your early-to-mid twenties, looking for fulfillment, a great career and even better friends? Trying to figure out how to pay off all of this student loan debt? Attempting to act independent for the first time, while sometimes stumbling (or flat out falling on your face?) Does that description sound like you? Well, same.

Once the newness of college parties and limited responsibilities wears off and the real world starts to hang over your head like an exciting yet terrifying cloud, learning how to function on your own can be tough. No matter how independent, smart, and capable you were growing up, there will always be things that seemed to just fall into place. Now the only thing that falls into place is the empty take-out container falling into the trash after you crush that sesame chicken because your fridge is empty. Sorry, mom. So, as well as you think you're doing with this whole "adulting" thing, here are some things that you will definitely call your parents about while you're still figuring it all out:

1) "My headlight is out/I need an oil change/my car is making a weird nose. Where should I take it?"

2) "What medicine do I take for this cold?"

3) "How do I pay this bill?"

4) "Can you make a doctor's appointment for me? Please?"

5) "How long can I drive for after the gas light comes on?"

6) "The expiration date says today but can I still eat it?"

7) "How do I wash this shirt without shrinking it?"

8) "What should I wear to this job interview?"

9) "How long do I put this chicken in the oven for?"

10) "What is this weird bump... am I dying?"

11) "I think I overdrew my checking account. What's gonna happen?"

12) "Do I actually need to separate my clothes by color when I wash them?"

13) "What's my social security number again...?"

14) "Can I still return this thing if I can't find the receipt?"

15) "How do I do my taxes? Can you just do them for me?"

16) "Wait, when is (insert family member's) birthday?!"

17) "How do I find out my credit score? Do I even have a credit score?"

18) "What's your recipe for this and why does mine taste weird?"

19) "What product do I use to clean this thing?"

20) "How do I get this stain out of my new shorts?!"

21) "Can I open this wine without a corkscrew?"

22) "So, can I borrow some money...?"

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