1. If you eat the same cafeteria-style food every. single. day. yet manage to survive

You never think you'll get tired of cheeseburgers and pizza; but, it happens to everyone. Be proud if you survive on the same three meals for 16 weeks.

2. If you have an 8 a.m.

In high school, going to school at 8 AM seems like a breeze. Motivation is at an all-time low for college students in the mornings.

3. If you take tests in lecture halls with 300+ students surrounding you

Because what's worse than taking a test? Taking a test in a huge lecture hall with a bunch of people you don't know, making distracting noises while you are trying to concentrate.

4. If you wake up and go to class without getting a sufficient amount of sleep

When you have a bad case of FOMO and a hard major, instead of skipping studying or fun, you become a sleep-deprived college student.

5. If you got more than 6 hours of sleep last night

Let's be honest: this doesn't actually happen.

6. If you didn't cry today

Mental breakdowns can happen anywhere, anytime on campus.

7. If you didn't walk in front of a car in attempt to avoid class or get free tuition

The sad truth is that we all have those days where we think "If I break a couple bones, I won't have to go to class. I can lay in bed and watch tv without feeling guilty." Congrats if you didn't execute those tempting thoughts.

8. If you attempted to be physically active this week

Trying to keep the weight off in college is a definite challenge. If you try to hit the gym every once in awhile, be proud.

9. If your only physical activity was walking to class

Let's be realistic- going to class with books that weigh more than us on our back is more than enough exercise for a lifetime

10. If you got a 4.0 last semester

Being a straight A student is a huge accomplishment; especially in grades 13-16.

11. If you got a 2.0 last semester

Being a college student is not easy by any means. Be proud of the classes you pass and the classes you attempted to take. Be proud of your GPA that you worked for.

12. If you don't get homesick

Learning to embrace the college life and can be a challenge. Be happy for yourself if you're one of those people who consume the college experience and make it their own.

13. If you had to go home every weekend because you missed your dog too much.

You can only stay away from the love of your life for so long. Getting home sick isn't something to be ashamed of. Be proud of where you come from and the fact that you have a wonderful life back home.

14. If you got an A on a midterm

If you finally ace a midterm that you studied for hours, be proud of yourself. In college, even the "blow off" classes aren't easy.

15. If you failed a midterm

Don't ever give up. It doesn't matter how many times you fall; what matter is how many times you get back up.

16. If you've decided your major and you're sticking to it

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is a big decision. Be proud if you have your life planned out!

17. If you switched your major or have no clue what you want to be when you grow up

We are young. You do not have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 years old.

18. If you're barely scraping by but you're making it

College students are broke AF. Congratulations on making it through the stress and the struggle.

19. If you cannot understand a single word out of your lab TA's mouth, but you still haven't given up yet

Try to refrain from asking "aca-scuse me?" too many times.

20. If you watched a whole series of Netflix today

Binge watching Netflix while staying on top of your studies is not easy. Only talented people can achieve these types of propositions.

21. If you're involved in clubs, organizations, Greek life, etc.

If you have branched out to better yourself in an organization, then you should be proud. College isn't just about grades. It's about forming yourself into a better you.

22. If you are attending any college at this moment

College is freaking hard. Be proud through the struggle — this means that you're making an effort. Do not ever give up on your dreams, and never give up on yourself.