In a world where religion dominates the lives of most people non-religious people often find themselves being singled out. From being inherently viewed as immoral to being viewed as "lost and confused," we atheists hear a lot of the same things from our theistic neighbors. "Are you sure you're not the antichrist?" "How can you not believe in my god that no one has ever been able to prove exists?" "Do you worship the devil?" To name a few of the absurdities atheists hear often. Well I'm here to give everyone, atheist or not, a little insight to the types of things we get asked.

1. Wait, so you don’t believe in God?

Well, given that the word Atheist literally means “A”,“without” and “theist”,“one who believes in god”, I am one who does not believe in God, yes.

2. Do you believe in anything?

I said I’m an Atheist not a skeptic. Everything that I see and that makes logical sense is something I believe in.

3. Do you worship the devil?

Well, I don’t believe in your God, so I don’t really believe in your devil either.

4. How do I know where your morals lie if you don’t follow the (Insert holy book here)?

You caught me, I actually have no morals. I think women should be slaves to men, I’m okay with pedophilia, and.. Wait a minute, maybe I am religious.

5. You're an *atheist*?

The sheer disgust that comes out in this person’s tone is enough to make me, personally, not talk to them anymore.

6. You’ll regret this when you die.

Sure, my rotting corpse will be so pissed I didn’t spend every Sunday being bored out of my mind.

7. You’ll burn in Hell for denying God!

Is this even a threat? It’s like telling a guy who stole your wallet that superman is going to beat him up. I don't believe in your hell place!

8. Why do you hate God?

You can’t really hate something that you don’t believe in but sure, if it's a real thing, I would hate it. I mean, he or she doesn’t do all he or she could,really.

9. You just need to read the (Insert holy book here).

Honestly most of us have and that’s why we don’t believe. Have you actually read them? They’re ridiculous!

10. What will you teach your children?

Not to be assholes and get down other peoples throats for believing different things than them.

11. Why can’t you just accept God?

Why can’t you just accept there is no God?

12. What if you’re wrong?

Then I hang out in hell with all of the atheists from throughout history. That’s a dream come true. What if you are wrong though?

13. How can you deny the existence of God? Just look around you.

Seriously... You realize this is logic from thousands of years ago.

I’m confused alright, but it's more about the fact that religion is still widely accepted.

15. You’ll grow out of it.

I sure hope I don’t grow out of intelligence.

16. It’s just a phase.

This is honestly just one of the rudest things someone can say to one of us. “It’s just a phase.” Every time I hear this I only have one thing I can say, “f**k you!”

17. Just don’t talk about your beliefs around my family, okay?

A serious talk needs to happen with a significant other if they ever say this. It’s absolutely crushing and often this is the beginning to the end of a relationship.

18. Don’t worry, we’ll help change your mind about being an atheist.

Good Luck

19. It’s not going to work, my parents want me to be with someone who accepts the bible.

Just like 17, it's often too crushing for words.

20. If evolution is true then why are there still monkeys?!

This is always followed with incredible laughter and then crushing despair when you realize that someone can be so unintelligent as to actually say that seriously.

21. The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good. -Psalms 14:1

And here you have it, the source. The Bible itself saying that Atheists are fools, we are corrupt, we have done bad and we will continue to do bad. This is why we are hated, because this book says that we are evil. It’s sad, truly, truly sad.