21 Struggles That Fast Food Workers Understand

iscounted food, comfy T-shirts and new friends are a few of the perks of working in fast food industries, but it's not all great. These are just a few examples of what makes me hate my job sometimes.

1. Taking too long in the drive-thru.

No big deal, we’re not being timed or anything to get you in and out of the drive-thru as fast as possible.

2. Large orders in drive thru.

Yes, please continue to come in my drive-thru and order a 75 finger tailgate with eight orders of fries and four jugs of tea. Or better yet, just order 10 box combos, with nine Cokes and one Diet Coke. Please just come inside next time and do us all a favor.

3. When customers pay in change.

I understand you think that you’re making my job easier by giving me correct change, but unless you are 100 percent certain that your change is correct, then it’s really just inconvenient. Also, if it takes you 10 minutes to gather up all of your change, I would much rather you just pay with cash or a card.

4. Having to tell a customer his/her card is being declined.

I’m so sorry that you don’t have enough money for a kid’s meal, but it’s really not my fault. Please stop trying to convince me that you put money on it this morning, because there is actually nothing I can do to fix it.

5. Being nice to rude customers.

It really makes me so upset when I try to be overly nice to someone and they continue to be extremely rude to me.

6. “Fresh food.”

Wow, you are actually the very first customer in the history of the world that has requested fresh fries. Even after I promise you that they are fresh, you continue to doubt me as if we would serve day old fries or something. Plus, you are not being sneaky when you ask for fries without salt because everyone who works here knows that you are only going to add your own salt to them and that you just want to ensure that your fries, are in fact, fresh.

7. When a customer places a wrong order.

Please explain to me how you already ate 75 percent of the meal, but you just realized that it wasn’t the right order

8. Charging customers for extras.

I’m so sorry that an extra sauce costs more, but no one is forcing you to buy it. If we just gave them out for free, we wouldn’t really stay in business for that long.

9. When people you "know" try to use your employee discount.

Oh, we had a class together once? That’s great, but I can’t use my employee discount on you. I can’t even use my discount on my mother, so what makes you think I could use it on you.

10. Grease layer of skin.

There’s nothing like going home after a six hour shift and having to scrub the layer of grease off of your skin.

11. Complicated orders.

What’s that? You want to change your Coke to lemonade? OK, sure. Oh, now you want a sweet tea? Sure, that’s fine. “Actually I changed my mind, can I have a—“No. Make up your mind. I don't have all day."

12. “Okay, so Billy wants this, and Sally wants this, but I want this.”

You don’t have to announce everybody’s order to me. I honestly don’t care what Billy and Sally want to order, as long as you just order.

13. Coming in before closing time.

I don’t know why you customers seem to think that it’s OK to come inside of a restaurant at 10:58 when you know we close at 11.

14. Customers who park far away from the window in drive thru.

Please, by all means, pull your car away from the window as far as possible, forcing me to have to stretch my whole body out the window.

15. Pronouncing items wrong.

Nothing gives me greater joy than listening to people mispronounce the "Caniac Combo."

16. Drive-thru during the rain.

I don’t know what it is about rain that makes people want to swarm to drive-thrus everywhere, but if you are this type of person, please, please, please turn off your windshield wipers. How would you like it if I splashed water on you while you were at work?

17. Friday night madness.

When every high schooler within a 10-mile radius shows up in a bus after a soccer game or football game.

18. Loud car engines.

I’m sorry that you have a really obnoxious truck engine, but please don’t be mad at me if I ask you to turn your truck off so I can take your order

19. You waited 10 minutes in line and still don’t know what you want.

So you mean to tell me, that all you did in this line was stare into space? And then you have the nerve to complain about how the line is too long.

20. When a customer changes their mind after you’ve already placed the order.

SA: please don’t make me change your order, because then, I have to do a walk of shame all the way to the kitchen and tell them to change it, which will then cause the entire kitchen staff to hate me.

21. Not listening to you speak.

Don’t you dare drive away from the ordering board while I’m repeating your order, and then have the audacity to ask me what your total was.

No matter how annoying customers can be, at the end of the day, I still low-key love my job, and I'm grateful for the experience and memories.

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