21 Reasons To Watch The NBA Finals As Told Through The Players
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21 Reasons To Watch The NBA Finals As Told Through The Players

21 Reasons To Watch The NBA Finals As Told Through The Players

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are facing off in the NBA Finals, in what's bound to be an entertaining series. Game one went into overtime because of course it did, with the Warriors coming out on top 108-100. But just in case you were thinking of skipping out on the rest of the series, here are 21 reasons that will change your mind.

1) Stephen Curry is this year's NBA MVP and the leagues best shooter. Also, his daughter is awesome.

2) J.R. Smith loves taking hard shots, both on and off the court

3) Klay Thompson is a splash bro, has a basketball bro, has a baseball bro, and is just a bro that all bros can root for, bro.

4) Iman Shumpert has BARS.

5) Andrew Bogut is a big giant bully.

6) Matthew Dellavedova literally got his butt kicked during a game.

7)Harrison Barnes is also known as 'The Black Falcon.' Seriously.

8) Kyrie Irving's real name is actually Uncle Drew.

9) Draymond Green is a fundamentally-sound troll.

10) Kevin Love is out for the playoffs with a shoulder injury, but he's one of the NBA's best forwards. He's tall, can shoot threes, throws more touchdowns than Tom Brady, AND EATS TACO BELL ON THE DAILY. ON. THE. DAILY.

11) Shaun Livingston is most famously known as “the guy who suffered the worst knee injury ever," but now plays an important role off the bench for the Warriors. If you should root for anyone, it shouldbe Shaun Livingston.

12) Timofey Mozgov is a 7'1 giant that eats pepperoni pizza before playing professional basketball games. You can see why he is an inspiration to us all.

13) Shawn Marion's nickname is The Matrix, but people have yet to find a proper name for his shooting form.

14) David Lee's best days are behind him, but he's doing his best to keep up with these "lil' youngins with their athleticism and what not."

15) Kendrick Perkins is at his best when doing anything other than trying to put the ball into the basket.

16) Leandro Barbosa has one of the best nicknames in basketball, "The Brazilian Blur." He also has a last name that is awesome.

17) Tristan Thompson grew up shooting with his left hand, but switched to his right hand in the middle of his professional NBA career. He says he still writes with his left hand, but brushes his teeth with his right.

18)Festus Ezeli did not touch a basketball until he was in high school. He also got called for a technical foul after this impressive leap of frustration.

19. Anderson Varejao will spit in the face of people who are not cool.

20) Andre Iguodala has put his team ahead of his pride, playing a veteran role off the bench to give way to his younger teammates. In other words, he's a super chill big bro.


Oh, and by the way - this is the fifth consecutive year LeBron is playing in the Finals. Nobody's done that since Bill Russell, who is older than my grandma.

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