21 Things Everyone Needs To Love About Nature
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21 Underappreciated Gifts From Mother Nature

Let us make things right with nature.

21 Underappreciated Gifts From Mother Nature
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Nature is vast in its beauty. Yet sometimes we can overlook the wonderful gifts Mother Nature has provided for us. These 21 underappreciated gifts are easy to notice if we make the small effort to do so.

1. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers


There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of flowers and all of them make the world a more beautiful place. Let us stop and smell the flowers.

2. Feet in the sand


Nothing makes you feel more at one with nature than wiggling your toes in the sand.

3. Picnics in the spring


The best way to appreciate the gifts given to us by nature is to go outside and hold a feast.

4. Naps under the sun


The right balance of sunlight can have lots of mood-lifting benefits, so soak it all in.

5. Watching the clouds


Coming up with figures we see in the clouds will resurface those youthful vibes within all of us.

6. After-the-rain smell


I wish there was a perfume or cologne that smelled just as it does after the rain. Nothing is more soothing than it.

7. Walking barefoot on the grass


It is such a relief to be shoes free. Just be careful to watch for the critters that live in the grass.

8. Water music


Nature provides us its own orchestra. This includes but is not limited to waterfalls, ocean waves, rivers, creeks, and streams. All of them follow their own beat.

9. Chirping birds


To accompany the orchestra of nature are its singers the chirping birds. Just like August Rush said "The music is all around us, all you have to do.. is listen."

10. Mood lighting


From the shining moon to streams of light through the leaves, nature provides the best mood lighting for any occasion.

11. Sandcastles and Snowmen


Nature encourages us to use our imagination, which lead to the wonderful creation of sandcastles and snowmen.

12. Hiking


Whether you follow the trail or create your own, hiking makes you feel that nature is home.

13. Fireflies, Butterflies, Dragonflies


Thanks to nature we have found an inspiration to fly beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you to all the creatures that fly.

14. Crunching leaves


There is no sound more satisfying than the crunch of leaves under your feet as you go for a walk in the park.

15. Puddle jumping


You are never too old to enjoy a good puddle. The bigger the splash, the greater the fun.

16. Snowball fights


The only time I will enjoy a battle is in a snowball fight because both sides always win.

17. Sun Showers


It is so rewarding for a sun shower to appear on a blazing hot day. It is Mother Nature's way of helping us to keep cool and still enjoy the sunshine.

18. Feeling the breeze


Deep peace and relaxation are always obtain when breathing in the fresh air of the cool breeze.

19. Apple picking


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thank you nature for being our source of nourishment and health.

20. Kite flying


The connection of lightning and electricity where confirmed while flying a kite. But kites are also just a joy.

21. Stargazing


The most beautiful sight to ever be seen is a sky full of stars.

Overall, Mother Nature makes the world a better, happier, lovelier place to inhabit.

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