21 Back-To-School Gifts College Students Actually Want

21 Back-To-School Gifts College Students Actually Want

Even if they're not poor, they're kind of tight on cash.

As back-to-school season approaches, you may have shopping for a particular college student on your mind. In case you want to get them a parting gift, whether for their freshman or senior year, here are a few ideas every college student would love to receive.

1. Fast food gift cards

Chipotle, Wendy's, you know, the college kid's natural diet.

2. Pens

We always have them, but we're also always losing them.

3. Scratch Off Tickets

I could think of a million cheesy things to add in a post it note with these.

4. Texts

A simple “hope your semester is starting off well" text warms a student's heart.

5. A printer cartridge

Expensive, but a blessing they will appreciate for the whole first half of the semester.

6. Grocery store gift cards

Someone has to buy groceries sometime to feed the whole apartment.

7. Inspiration

A quick text or quote from some college educated successful person would help.

8. Extra cardboard boxes

Even though they just moved home a month ago, somehow all the boxes from that move have disappeared.

9. A clothing store gift card

No guilt buying a new outfit if the only place you can spend the twenty dollars is Forever 21.

10. Duct tape

Anything can be fixed by duct tape.

11. A good old fashioned card

Getting mail is a whole new level of exciting for college students.

12. Target gift card

Everyone loves Target, right?

13. School bookstore bucks

They can get that super expensive school sweater for half off and it seems reasonable.

14. Regular bookstore gift cards

After dropping 200+ dollars on school books our pockets are feeling turned out for buying the book we really want.

15. Printed photos

Even if it's just one picture from your trip to the fair with them, it'll probably go on the cork board.

16. Pocket money

Just thirty bucks and the stipulation that the money be used for something fun.

17. Sit down restaurant gift cards

Olive Garden financial aid, here we come.

18. Office supplies of any kind

They're needed and appreciated. Even just a package of sticky notes.

19. Prayers

Even though we love school, we're going to miss our families and we're going to hate our homework.

20. School supplies

That extra spiral notebook you have stuffed in the dusty junk drawer? Rip out the one page you wrote on and it's one less notebook they have to buy.

21. Love and good vibes

Just send it out there, through a text or tweet or Facebook comment or phone call. It's always appreciated.

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Thank you for teaching me lessons not just in the textbook.

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Cover Image Credit: Amy Aroune

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Back to school ads have started and i'm here for it

Pencils, pens, and markers, oh my!


Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I'm not wishing summer away. I love the sun and the relaxation as much as the next person, but I am SO excited for back to school shopping.

Can you think of anything more satisfying than opening a new, pretty planner and filling in the lines with your schedule and to-do lists? Actually, I can- crossing those things off your to-do list. And you know the feeling when you flip to the first page of a notebook and try out every color of your brand new pens and/or markers? No? Yeah, okay, these might just be me but those are just a couple reasons I love back to school shopping.

Take a quick stroll through Target or Walmart and you can see school supplies everywhere you turn. I remember picking out different colored folders and notebooks for each class when I was a kid and everything corresponded. If I couldn't find a folder to match my notebook then you had better believe I changed colors to make everything match.

Back to school shopping is the perfect time to get your life organized before your normal switches up again. Going from lazy days to 3, 4, even 5 classes a day starting at 8 am is a huge change. When I have new school supplies, room decorations, clothes, etc. it makes that transition so much easier. I'll be a sophomore in college and yes, I still struggle with that transition.

Back to school shopping reminds me that it is possible for me to have some control and to have my life together. It's nice to start off the new semester with everything nice and clean and organized before the craziness takes over. So, call me crazy, but I'm here for back to school ads because I am here for the calm before the storm.

Cover Image Credit:

Wikimedia Commons

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