Senior year in high school, for a lot of people, is one last year you have to put up with before freedom. But senior year of college, you are trying to live up all of the "not actually acceptable after graduation" habits, getting a ton of time with friends you may part ways with for years and prepare for the real world.

1. You aren't buying any "going out" clothes this summer

2. You're already stressed about the 18-year-olds invading your favorite bars

3. You either only think about life after college, or avoid it at all costs

4. You've started a bucket list, either on paper or in a group text with your friends

5. You're dreading that last gen-ed you have to take that will be infested with first years

6. And you're worrying about the fate of your organizations after your class graduates

7. All of your friends are over 21 and it is wonderful

8. And drinking at the bars is not nearly as enticing as drinking at home

9. You're taking in all the college town deals and getting sad about them being a thing of the past

10. Thinking of leaving your friends, even 10 months before you actually will, already brings tears to your eyes

11. But there's a big part of you that's just ready to start your life

12. You're wondering what actual people do on St. Patricks Day

13. You're already plotting how to befriend underclassmen for meal plan

14. You already know you're going to have classes with that one kid you hate who is in your major

15. You're getting nervous about the fact that you're supposed to be prepared to be a contributing member of society very, very soon

16. You're prepared for a LOT of bar crawls

17. There's a chance that you still aren't 100% sure what you want to do with your life

18. But no matter what, you're ready to take this year on and make it the best it can be