I Am In My 20's And I Am Not Sorry
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I Am In My 20's And I Am Not Sorry

I am allowed to do what I want and how I want.

I Am In My 20's And I Am Not Sorry

I'm in my 20's and I'm not sorry. This may sound a little passive aggressive or condescending, but I need to be honest. Now I know, you say things when you're young and don't understand everything but I'm tired of saying sorry. Because frankly a lot of the time, I'm not even sincere I'm just saying it because people expect it. I should not have to constantly say sorry for living my life. It is so strange to me how much older people are affected by my actions, as if they themselves never were a 20-year-old in their life.

So here are 12 things I'm not sorry about:

1. For moving away

I know that moving away from my friends, family and home seems drastic, but it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I had to figure things out on my own, and not be hand-held through college. I had to really adult, make new friends, and put myself out there on my own. I could not have done that as much if I stayed super close to home. I needed to get away and I have discovered more about myself while away than ever before.

2. For cutting some old friends out of my life

To be honest, losing old friends still hurts. It is never fun to lose touch with someone who you used to be very close with. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason though. You may be going one way while other friends are going a completely different way. It's perfectly okay for both people to move apart and no one should be sorry for living their life. These things happen.

3. For being indecisive

There are very few people I know that know what they want to do and very few people who knew what they wanted to do when they were twenty. This is time to figure out what you want to do, who you want to be with, and what you want to study. So I'm not sorry for not answering your question for "Well...where are moving after? What will you do after you graduate? Or What job do you want?"

4. For not wanting a relationship/ not wanting to be single

Every single person is different, and to be honest it is so strange to me how this concept is not well known. So this is to those friends that constantly set up their single friend that does not want to be on dates. Let them be single, be selfish, enjoy their time alone. Every single person should always take some time for themselves. Now, let's not forget the single friends that constantly get mad at their committed friend. Let them live their happy life with their sappy boyfriend. If they are happy let them be. Falling in and out of love is a huge part of being in your twenties. Don't be sorry for your preferences on lifestyle, ever.

5. For focusing just on me

Yes, I will take this day for me. I will just eat pizza and ice cream. Some good shopping as pick me up is all I need. I am trying to figure myself out most of the time and at the end of the day I will know what I want/ need. I am not sorry for canceling plans so I can spend some personal time with me myself and I.

6. For binge watching Netflix

Life is stressful in general. Add in figuring out how to live on your own, a new place, hard classes, and drama of everyday life. Netflix is the perfect way to decompress and is necessary is some circumstances. I do not always want to go out and I want to stay in once in awhile and it's completely okay.

7. Speaking my mind

I have finally found a voice for myself. I know what I believe in and I'm slowly discovering what programs and ideals I want to stand for. I am not a child and my opinions are valid. I finally have the chance to speak my mind and be listened to in adult conversations. If my beliefs don't match yours well then tough luck.

8. Spending my money

Going into your 20's includes a lot of discovery in financial responsibilities. Bills have to be paid, loans have to accepted and budgeting is a must. But you have to remember I am young and this is the perfect time to travel and see the world. I have no one to worry about myself so I deserve to spoil myself with my own well earned money.

9. For trying/ doing extremely new things

Because why the hell not. I am excited to try new things because it has been a trend throughout my twenties. I get it, sometimes my actions make you nervous and I am "crazy". But this is the first time I get to be an adrenaline junkie and do fun things with no one holding me back.

10. For playing my music too loud

I am usually in my car jamming out with my friends. I am making memories and enjoying the music and having a great time. I am also not sorry for going to crazy big loud concerts, They are too much fun to pass up.

11. For going out all the time

I am finally old enough to go to a bar and buy drinks. Who wouldn't want to do that all the time?! It is so new and fun. I can still survive going to bar one night and work the next morning so let me be.

12. For being my absolute self

I am discovering who I am more and more everyday. My confidence is higher than it has ever been. I am happy and I get what I want and who I want in my life. I don't have everything figured out...or really anything figured out, but that's okay. I am not sorry for being me.

But at the end of the day, I do not want to be known as this snobby 20-year-old who is not sorry for my actions. So here is something I am sorry for: for hurting anyone in the process of finding who I am, for not keeping in touch, and for not always listening to the advice given to me. It is all a process and I understand that everything happens for a reason and you learn from your mistakes. After it all though, I'm not sorry for how things happened because that is just the way life is and how it goes.

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