2020 Is So Out, And 2012 Is back In With These 25 Chart-toppers From My Middle School Days
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2020 Is So Out, And 2012 Is back In With These 25 Chart-toppers From My Middle School Days

Since 2020 has had a pretty rough go of it lately, let's take it back to a more simpler time with no covid and only the most nostalgic tunes.

2020 Is So Out, And 2012 Is back In With These 25 Chart-toppers From My Middle School Days
Sophia Pedro

With everything that has been going on, music has been a really great creative outlet for me. As I mention later on, I have been compiling a throwback playlist of all the songs I listened to pre-high school, and it has been super fun to look back on what music was like just a decade ago. I hope this inspires you to start reminiscing on some better days and to find comfort in this wonderful constant in life, music. Happy listening!

1. "Replay" — Iyaz

I vividly remember actually having this song play on replay on my iPod shuffle when it first came out. This was definitely a top-five song for me in the middle school years.

2. "Fire Burning" — Sean Kingston

"Somebody call 911" if you forgot this song existed because to this day I can still sing all of the lyrics from memory.

3. "Dynamite" — Taio Cruz

OK, so the first two songs on this list were obviously popular, but I think Taio Cruz really edged them out with this one. All I ever remember hearing on the radio when I got in the car was this song, but I honestly wasn't upset about it.

4. "Hurricane" — Bridgit Mendler

I bet you all didn't know that in addition to playing Teddy on Good Luck Charlie, Bridgit Mendler also made a go of it in the music industry--classic child Disney star.

5. "Tonight Tonight" — Hot Chelle Rae

I don't know if this is just me, but no matter how old I get I still jam out to this song. Nothing says let's party like jamming out to Hot Chelle Rae in the trunk of a pledge ride :)

6. "In My Head" — Jason Derulo

Back in the day when I would iTunes gift cards and buy songs, Jason Derulo was always my go-to. I probably bought every song on every album of his up until 2014; now all I'm thinking about is how I could have been 50 bucks richer right now. Dammit.

7. "On the Floor" — Jennifer Lopez

JLo was killing the game in 2012 and she's still killing it in 2020. That's really all I have to say.

8. "California Gurls" — Katy Perry (feat. Snoop Dogg)

This was probably one of the most iconic Katy Perry songs ever. I won't lie, I do have a throwback playlist, and yes this was the first song I put on it.

9. "What Makes You Beautiful" — One Direction

So I may be more excited at the prospect of 1D getting back together than I was about their original formation, oops! But I still listen to all their songs on a regular basis, it actually makes great study music too.

10. "Fireflies" — Owl City

This is one of those songs that I would just put on repeat during a long car ride when I wanted to sleep. It's so catchy, yet so soothing. And then I discovered that when I woke up, I knew all the lyrics by heart. That's a win-win-win to me.

11. "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" — Usher

Usher definitely helped in starting the trend of putting the artist's name in the song. No one will forget who the song is by if you repeat your name twice in the first two words of the song! Usher Usher!!

12. "Magic" — B.o.B (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

All I can say is 1. if you don't know this song, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP go listen to it, and 2. it will forever and always be my jam.

13. "Starships" — Nicki Minaj

I remember feeling like the shit every time I could successfully do the rap in this song. It was also kind of a right of passage in my middle school days.

14. "Glad You Came" — The Wanted

This song is so underrated and I honestly forgot about it for a little while until I started creating my throwback playlist (great quarantine activity btw). Nevertheless, The Wanted will definitely be glad you came for a listen. I'm sorry please ignore that pathetic attempt at a pun...I'm just gona go now.

15. "Whistle" — Flo Rida

I'm not going to lie, when I'm driving and don't know what to listen to I roll the windows down, crank the volume, and blast this song. In the moment it feels very freeing.

16. "Last Friday Night" — Katy Perry

Now that I think about it, this song was kind of inappropriate for the age group it was marketed for, but I don't think I turned out that bad as a result of it, so thanks Katy.

17. "Payphone" — Maroon 5 (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

As the good child I was I only ever listened to the clean version of this song and didn't realize until last week that it had a rap. I was extremely confused when the song did not end with "I'm at a payphone."

18. "Some Nights" — Fun.

I feel bad that Fun. was kind of a one-hit-wonder with this song (unless they weren't and I've been living under a rock, which is entirely possible. I liked their vibe and wish more of their songs became popular.

19. "Tik Tok" — Kesha

There are just too many iconic songs on this list to keep saying "this is one of the most iconic songs of my childhood." So, to be brief, Tik Tok= a bop.

20. "Price Tag" — Jessie J (feat. B.o.B)

Basically anything that was by or featuring B.o.B drew my attention, thus the imfamous "Price Tag."

21. "Party Rock Anthem" — LMFAO

I have a very clear image in my head of sitting on the bus, listening to this song in 6th grade and trying to figure out what the heck LMFAO stood for. Nowadays I feel like sixth-graders swear more than I do; oh the turned tables.

22. "Billionaire" — Travie McCoy (feat. Bruno Mars)

For the longest time I really thought this song was by Bruno Mars, and just Bruno Mars. Nevertheless, I still like this song (because of the Bruno Mars parts), and because I also thought it would cool to be a billionaire.

23. "Classic" — MKTO

Iconic. Go listen. Please and thank you.

24. "Everybody Talk" — Neon Trees

This song is what I like to call "a sleeper". Well, not what I like to call because someone else definitely invented that term, but it is fitting. I feel like not many people remember or even knew about this song, but it should be illegal how catchy it is. I listened to it this past weekend and still am singing the lyrics in the shower.

25. "Cooler Than Me" — Mike Posner

When I think of music from my early double-digit years, this is one of the first songs I think of. As I'm writing this the lyrics are all rushing back. Now, that's the power of nostalgia.

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