2020 Christmas List Items Perfect For Giving Or Getting
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2020 Christmas List Items Perfect For Giving Or Getting—And Yes, Gifting Yourself Counts

These Christmas must-haves are all items you can't pass up on.

2020 Christmas List Items Perfect For Giving Or Getting—And Yes, Gifting Yourself Counts

2020 was quite the year, and it must end strong! Here are 5 gift ideas perfect to brighten anyone's (including your own) day!

Natural Light Therapy Lamp

Therapy Lamp amazon.com

Therapy Lamps are perfect for brightening up a dark room throughout the winter. The lighting imitates natural sunlight and helps those who struggle with seasonal depression.

Selfie Ring With Tripod

Selfie Ring with Tripod amazon.com

Perfect for content creators and Instagram lovers. This selfie stick and ring light combination with a clicker helps improve self-photography skills without needing the aid of a second person.

Weighted Blanket

Cotten Napper bearabyboo.com

You can never go wrong with getting or giving a weighted blanket as a Christmas blanket! These blanket are known for reducing stress and helping with steady sleep.

Terrarium Candle

Terrarium Candle etsy.com

Perfect for anyone who loves small details. This handmade terrarium candle available on Etsy is a gift you can't go wrong with.

Palm Hydroponic Grow Kit

Costal Fan Palm Hydro Grow Kit bespokepost.com

Plant caring can be a bit stressful sometimes, especially if you're just starting out. This plant is perfect for any beginners. You can give as much love to it without the risk of overwatering.

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