2019 is a time for change

Poetry On Odyssey: 2019 - A Time For Change

"We love our planet Earth. We should - it is our home, and there's no place like home. There can't ever be a better place than Earth." -Dimitar Sasselov

Ashley Beronja


That's all I want.

To go outside and breathe in clean air,

not fill my lungs with smoke.

When I grew up I thought the world was my oyster,

able to do whatever I had my eyes set on.

But now I'm wondering if there will even be a world

for me to dream about...

As humans, we have learned to evolve in order to survive.

We have been lead to believe that we are the superior race,

that we control everything around us.

Well, that is only partly true.

Our actions have consequences...

and despite all the mistakes we have made,

we still cannot seem to change.

Since 2016, half of the coral in the

Great Barrier Reef has died.

There is more plastic in the waters

than fish and wildfires are becoming

more common than ever before.

When will it stop?

When will we realize that if we don't change

what we are doing now, nothing will ever

become "better".

We are too far gone from what we used to

know the world as - but there is still time to fix it.

It may take years, decades even, but we can do it.


For 2019, think about our home,

Planet Earth.

Think about all the plastic in the waters,

animals becoming extinct,

the pollution that fills the air.

Think about all the problems that are happening

and what we can do to fix it.

The world is big...

incredibly big.

While it might seem too big of a task,

it is possible.

There are plenty of others that wish for the same

thing for our future.

Unfortunately too much is gone,

never to be replaced again.

But there is still enough that can be saved.

For 2019, instead of worrying about the little things,

worry about the big picture.

The animals that roam the savannah,

the fish that swim in the sea.

For this year, help change the world.

Our world.

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