20 Useless Thoughts Everyone Had Watching Sunday's Debate
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20 Useless Thoughts Everyone Had Watching Sunday's Debate

Yes, Ken Bones was the real winner.

20 Useless Thoughts Everyone Had Watching Sunday's Debate

Because sometimes politics gets boring and we just have to laugh about it. Otherwise - we cry.

  1. 23 seconds in, Trump has accused Bill Clinton of abusing women. This is going to be fun. *fills glass of wine to rim*
  2. Audience member: "How will you handle Islamophobia?"
    Trump: "The Muslims have to report when they see hatred going on...radical Islamic Terrorism...Obama founded ISIS."
  3. I’m sorry, Donald, but it sounds to me like you’re saying it’s okay to encourage sexual assault, as long as it’s in a…locker room?
  4. Did he just say: "I want to make the inner cities better for African Americans because they're so great”…? *finishes glass of wine*

  5. WHY DOES HE KEEP SNIFFING?! Is his mic broken again, or did he get cheeto powder up his nose?
    Makes you uncomfortable...doesn't it?
  6. Someone hold my wine while I try to smash this fly on my TV.
  7. This m$*%&!@&$ just told Hillary he’d put her in jail. I’m ashamed at how much I’m laughing.
  8. "Ok Donald, I know you're into big diversions tonight, anything to avoid talking about your campaign, and the way it's exploding, and the way Republicans are leaving you..." SLAY HILLARY SLAY.

  9. Trump has been talking for an entire minute. I forget what the question was. I think it had to do with Aleppo. Why is he talking about Sidney Blumenthal. And Osmosis.
  10. Donald Trump is humping a chair.

  11. Stop talking about the inner cities!
  12. Donald you asshole.
  13. Hillary why are you smiling. I’m getting creeped out.
  14. So Trump, you know nothing about Russia? Please, do keep talking.
  15. Anderson Cooper is without a doubt biased towards Clinton. It’s awful. Unjust. Poor Trump - not getting a fair chance.
  17. Ken Bone: You give me life.
  18. Hillary is loving every second of this.

    ...and knows she's got this one locked in.

  19. Did Trump…did he just end the debate on a respectful note? Plot twist.
  20. Hillary is probably beaming right now...

And the rest of Americans...?

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