Fashion Trends Of 2019 That Need To Go In The New Year
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20 Fashion Trends We NEED To Cancel By 2020, Because Birkenstocks Should Only Be Worn By Your Elderly Uncle

Let's hit the refresh button on fashion trends in the New Year.

20 Fashion Trends We NEED To Cancel By 2020, Because Birkenstocks Should Only Be Worn By Your Elderly Uncle

I hope it's not too early to ring in 2020, because we have some business to take care of. Let's all agree to forget these 20 looks from 2019 ever happened.

1. Biker Shorts

I don't think they're flattering on me personally, but the main reason these should be cancelled ASAP is because they were SO overworn in 2019! Keep them for the gym!

2. Fanny Packs

I can't believe how overhyped fanny packs were in 2019. Let's ditch them, shall we?

3. Cold Shoulder Tops

These should've stayed in 2018 because this style of shirt is so out. The fact that this shirt was ever considered fashionable is still a mystery to me.

4. Checker Print

'Nuff said.

5. Colored Hair Streaks

I want this trend to go mainly because people are bleaching their hair at home! Let's make safely dyeing your hair trendy again!

6. Champion Clothes

Brand names are cool and all, but it becomes pretty materialistic to dress in something just because it has the Champion logo on it.

7. Excessive Highlighter

Photo by Makeup Goals on Facebook

Highlighter is cute and trendy, but overusing it gives off a thick and unblended look which I believe doesn't deserve to survive the New Year.

8. Chokers

As a general rule of thumb, if it was cool in 2015, let's make it extinct in the near future.

9. "Relatable" Graphic Tees

Self explanatory reason for why Forever 21 is going out of business.

10. Off-White Belts

Can we please go back to wearing belts for utility, not for the brand?

11. Fluffy Jackets

Photo courtesy of Emma Chamberlain on YouTube

The appeal of a giant jacket like this is great for comfort, not so much for style!

12. Mom Jeans


These pants may be comfortable, but the high rise pant and tucked in shirt look has turned more mainstream and less of a unique retro vibe.

13. Camo Pants

Another example of something that used to be cute, but now needs to be replaced by a fresher trend.

14. Corsets

I'm ready to kick this style of shirt to the curb in 2020!

15. Baker Boy Hats

Photo courtesy of Amy Lee on YouTube

I don't know how this style of hat ever became popular, it just seems so unflattering on any head.

16. Fishnets

These were cute, but now this 80s tribute seems blander by the day.

17. Spider Leg Lashes

Lashes are a must for glam, but how necessary is glopping on tons of mascara?

18. Transparent Shoes

These aren't too practical, think about the sweat and grime you'd be able to see when wearing them sock-less!

19. Tribal Patterns

Tribal prints have got to go, they've been too mainstream for many years now - they are definitely on the way out.

20. Birkenstocks

Uncle shoes? No thank you!

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