No Boyfriend, No Problem. No Boyfriend Jeans: Problem!
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No Boyfriend, No Problem. No Boyfriend Jeans: Problem!

The LATEST Trends.

No Boyfriend, No Problem. No Boyfriend Jeans: Problem!
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Fashion just keeps growing and changing and old trends are made new! Now, I'm no beauty guru, just a beauty guru wannabe, but personally I have compiled some stylish wardrobe must haves! These can be cute assets to go back to school or just to catch up on some of the latest trends...

  1. Boyfriend jeans- no boyfriend no problem! No boyfriend jeans= problem. They may look hard to pull off, or maybe you are scared you can't rock them, but trust me girl you can! Boyfriend jeans are universally flattering to virtually everybody type and can be an asset to a back to school (or not) wardrobe!
  2. Chokers- ahhhhh the beloved chokers. Chokers can range from a solid gold articulate chain to simple a shoe lace tied around your neck, but either way they can make a huge difference in an outfit and take it from cute to super trendy!
  3. Bralettes- alike to chokers, there is an abundance of shapes and sizes of bralettes. Believe it or not a simple lacy bra can totally make or break your outfit. You can find them with pads, seamless, sports bra style, lingerie style, or any design you can dream of, making bralettes work for everyone!
  4. Lace ups- from Emily fields on PLL to that Tillys mannequin down the street, lace up outfits are everywhere. You can get lace up dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts and virtually anything else. Lace up outfits can be edgey, girly, anything and are super in style this season!
  5. Suede- three years ago if we told you you would be rushing online to snag the last suede booties in your size at top shop, you would be like "your kidding". But we weren't! Suede is everywhere on shoes, clothes, accessories, everything! Suede looks super chic and makes outfits looks classy and nice with a bit of a hippie feel to it!
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