20 Topics To Write About When You Have Writer's Block
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20 Topics To Write About When You Have Writer's Block

There's always something to write about.

20 Topics To Write About When You Have Writer's Block

We all have instances where we don’t know what to write about. The dreaded writer’s block that possesses us at times where we most need our brain to ooze with the art of creativity. Whether you’re writing an essay, or like me, writing an article for Odyssey, writer’s block shows no mercy in entering your mind like a brick and blocking out any and all ideas. If you’re in a pickle like I am, here are BLANK things to write about when writer’s block is just too much.

1. Your life

Might as well get started writing the one thing you might know more about, eh?

2. Something embarrassing that's happened to you

You may not want to remember it, but the rest of us are dying to hear it.

3. Your favorite subject in school

Why not write about why you love math so much? Maybe you'll end up convincing one of us.

4. Politics

We all dread the arguments, but we all have something to say.

5. Favorite hobby

Do you collect rocks? Sing karaoke on the weekends? Share your views with the world and let us know why your hobby is worth doing.

6. An Open Letter

Write a letter to your high school English teacher, to your best friend, or the boy who left you behind. Anything goes, and open letters are super relatable.

7. A cause you are passionate about

Are you passionate about LGBTA+ rights? Do you believe that everyone deserves equal pay? Do you hate the way things are being handled by the government? Speak your opinions and open up to those who relate, and those you want to inform.

8. A review

Write about that movie that wasn't worth the $10 movie ticket, I'm sure others will appreciate the early warning to save their money.

9. A place you think others should visit

Do you love going hiking at a specific spot? Have your heart set on exploring the streets of New York?

10. Your least favorite food

So tell me, why do you think oysters taste bad?

11. Your biggest fear

12. Why you're studying the thing you're studying?

Biology? But why?

13. Reasons why you love someone

14. Reasons why you don't love someone

15. Things you think everyone should experience

Do you think going on a mission trip is the best thing to ever experience? Say something.

16. Something that irritates you

17. Something you love

Whether it'd be music or writing.

18. Something you've never said out loud

19. Something you want to tell someone

20. Write about a dream you've had

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