20 Things You'll Understand If You Play Women's Lacrosse

Women's lacrosse is usually the butt of every other athlete's jokes, but there are worse things in life than playing lacrosse. I mean you could be a foot fairy who flops every time a defender gets near you. At least you're a hard ass who takes no sh*t. If you play lacrosse, you know these things for a fact.

1. When coach sees how "in shape" the team is during pre-season conditioning.

2. This look:

3. Envying Paul Rabil's trick shots.

4. Trying to get out of the bus with gear like:

5. How to spot a goalie from a mile away:

6. Buying these in bulk because you know SOMEONE will forget one:

7. When the refs keep making bad calls.

8. Coming home after a long game to this:

9. This beautiful view at the start of the season:

10. When you're looking to quick-stick a shot into goal.... and hit the goalie in the chest.

11. How you feel after playing midfield the whole tournament.

12. Losing your voice because you need to sound like a dying bird to defend goal.

13. You've almost broken your ankle 12 times because of a stray ball at practice.

14. When someone yells "HEADS" you tuck your head between your knees and pray to Jesus that you'll survive.

15. You've broken a few fingers from being checked in the hands.

16. Your parents before a game.

17. When you go for a ground ball but hit a defender.

18. Being compared to the soccer team when in reality we're better than those foot fairies.

19. Getting big while playing defense.

20. Dealing with getting hit with a stray shot on goal while playing post.

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