20 Things To Do On Your 20th Birthday
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20 Things To Do On Your 20th Birthday

365 days until your birthday actually matters.

20 Things To Do On Your 20th Birthday

My 20th birthday was on April 8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but turning 20 kind of sucks. For an entire 365 days, you’re stuck with being a full-blown adult without any of the benefits. You have to college like an adult, work like an adult, be tried in court as an adult, but you can’t take a sip of alcohol until you reach the magical golden age of “20-fun.” I repeat, it sucks.

However unexciting the actual age of 20 is, there is still massive reasoning to celebrate. Just because you can’t celebrate by getting legally ~shwasted~ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate at all. You’re the birthday babe! So wake up flawless, post up flawless, ride 'round in it flawless, and be flossin’ on that flawless.

1. Be a pampered princess.

You can never go wrong with a pedicure on your big day. Trust me, having your feet rubbed on a regular day is already pure magic but on your birthday you might start calling your nail tech God. Go get your little piggies filed, scrubbed, rubbed and painted. One of my favorite things to do is go to the nail salon with a friend on her birthday and text her everything the nail techs are saying in my language, I think it brings a little bit of culture in your life.

2. Stuff your face.

You know what's better than food? Birthday food! Get the large, order the fries, pay for the extra guac! Don't hold yourself back on the one day of the year that's all about you. Food won't judge you, food will always love you, food will never do you wrong. It's a beautiful thing, so go to dinner with your friends, tip your server, and blow out the candle on your birthday dessert.

3. Sleep in.

Most almost-20-year-olds don't really get to experience the magical concept of "sleeping in" very often. You're always working, going to your 8 a.m. class or attending yet another meeting. Yeah, life gets busy, but you can't forget to let yourself experience the little things, especially on your birthday! So go ahead, call off work, skip your class and get notes from a friend later, and don't schedule meetings on your big day. Get your beauty sleep and snore the morning away.

4. Watch a movie.

Lights, camera, action! Get the girls to pile up the pillows and blankets and get comfy. Pop some popcorn and bring out the two liter, get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of film. My recommendation? Watch "This is 40." Relax with your besties and pass the remote!

5. Listen to this song.

This is the song Hugh Hefner played for Shelley Darlington on her 27th birthday. You may not be turning 27, but you sure as hell should celebrate like Shelley did!

6. Party!

My inner wild child is screaming! Who doesn't love a good birthday party? Text 100 of your closest friends, make a Facebook event and call a DJ. Thank my lucky stars I got to celebrate my birthday with all of my amazing sisters and friends at a beach themed mixer! Birthday parties are a tradition, let's all celebrate!

7. Bake some cookies.

Have a sweet tooth? I've got the answer to all your sugar-lovin' problems. Bake those cookies and eat every single one. You can regret the decision tomorrow when it's not your birthday. But for right now, that Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie dough is calling your name. Pop those babies in the oven and watch them turn into delicious little circles of happiness.

8. Go get free stuff.

On your birthday, you often find that you get presents from the three major categories: Friends, family and yourself. What you're missing? All the freebies you can get on your birthday from stores! Sit down and make a list of all your favorite places that give out free things. Here's an example: a free makeup sample on your birthday month from Sephora, free ice cream from Baskin & Robins with email sign-up, free donut and coffee from Krispy Kreme, free drink or treat from Starbucks, free chips and salsa from Qdoba, and even look into your favorite local restaurant. Big Rapid's Gypsy Nickel gives a free entree for your big day and you know that's where I'm going!

9. Shop until you drop.

Along with getting free stuff, you should also be spoiling yourself. Take a little trip to the mall and celebrate your big day with presents to yourself. Buy the dress, invest in a Naked palette (my fave), and walk through that mall like you own the damn place because honey it's ya birthday. You deserve the world.

10. Get laid.

Do I really have to explain this one?

11. Go on a date.

Falling in love is on the list right up there with magic. Why spend your big day any different than starting something new with someone special? If it's your boo's birthday, take her to dinner and treat her like the princess she is.

12. Watch a sports game.

Break out the foam finger and put on your favorite jersey. Sporting events are fun as it is (i.e. tailgating) and combined with your birthday you will have a blast going wild with the crowd and watching your favorite team whoop some rival ass. The best part is getting after it with an entire stadium that loves the same team as you.

13. Shake those apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.

Dance like you have never danced before! Break it down Christina and Meredith style. You've made it out of your teen years, so shake that booty like the hot mess twenty year old wild not-child you are. To the window, to the wall, till the sweat drops down your balls, cause' you turned twenty y'all!


My lucky little self gets to see Zeds Dead in concert for $10 the day of my birthday and I am so pumped! Why, you ask? Uhmm, hello? Loud music, celebrities, crazy fans, and more. Kind of like watching a game, going to a concert on your birthday is like celebrating you and the very thing you love with all your pals. Rock the crop top and fight your way to the front of the stage birthday bitch.

15. Go on vacation.

Traveling is good for the soul, and that is a fact. A nice vacation is a great gift to yourself not only because it's culture enriching to travel but also because you owe yourself a whole world on new experiences, especially on your birthday! Turning twenty isn't just another year you have to wait before you're 21. At twenty years old, you've officially reached two full decades of life. You're out of those crusty teen years and one step closer to having the full adult experience.

16. Do some outdoor activities.

For the first time ever I recently traveled to Marquette, Michigan and while there I hiked a hill. Sugarloaf, while small and a "beginner's hill" was one of the the most memorable and enriching things I have ever done. Why? Nature is wild, free and unpredictable. Maybe it's just me but being in nature makes me feel like your soul is a little bit different with every wild view you see. The great outdoors is symbolic to your life, you're finally breaking into the next decade of your life just like you're climbing up Sugarloaf Hill.

17. Take a bath.

Since in all technicality you can't legally drink yet, invest in a bottle of sparkling grape juice and sink into a nice, hot bath. Throw a bath balm into the water with some rosemary oil and let the smooth water lap over your skin. Birthdays don't always have to be crazy and wild, they can be silky and relaxing too. Take advantage of that since you know your next birthday you probably won't remember at all.

18. Slay your outfit.

It's a pretty well-known fact that when you look good, you feel good. Prep yourself for all the pictures you'll be taking because birthdays are like gaining celebrity status for a full 24 hours. People will be posting all over your wall, taking pictures with you, gushing about your plans and the focus will be entirely on the birthday queen (you). Fleek those brows and get camera ready for the traditional birthday selfie!

19. Have lunch with the 'rents.

Sometimes we forget about the people who created us. That's right ladies, you were most likely made in coitus by a male and a female you call mom and dad. Now that you're officially out of your teen years, the least you can do is go to lunch with them in a way to thank their efforts to birth you and for raising such an amazing person. You wouldn't be where you are today without them after all.

20. Surround yourself with the people you love.

The best thing about birthdays are the people you celebrate with. Thank your mom and dad for birthing you, thank your friends for being there for you, and also take a second to thank yourself for having survived this crazy adventure we call life for 20 years. Your best friends and your family will always be your day ones all the way to your year 20 and far beyond. Love them while you're loving yourself too!

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