Being the older sister is a life-long job you can’t quit but you wouldn’t have it any other way. A younger sister is a built-in best friend that will always support you and have your back no matter what. Love her or hate her, she’ll always be by your side and you are forever grateful for her. Only older sisters can relate to these 20 things.

1. She always takes your clothes without asking

When you confront her about it, your mom always takes her side and reminds you that she looks up to you.

2. Your mom always bought you matching outfits and you hated it, but your sister was in heaven wearing the same clothes as you

3. You have to take the blame for everything

As the older sister, you can’t get away with anything.

4. You always have to set a good example for your sister

She watches you like a hawk and examines your every move.

5. You’re the designated chauffeur

This is especially annoying when your sister always wants to hang out with friends.

6. She always seems to want to hang out with you when you’re really busy

7. You feel weird when she starts to grow up because you have no control over it and want her to stay your little sister forever

You don’t even know how to react when she comes to you for advice on her high school drama.

8. She’s more social than you and always has plans, even when you don’t

You know it’s weird when your younger sister has Friday night plans and you’re spending your night on the couch with Netflix.

9. Your parents let her get away with way more than you ever did

And you don’t even have an argument against it because “times are different”.

10. You’re her designated protector and feel responsible for her

She’s your little sister and if anyone hurts her, they'' have to face you.

11. You constantly bicker, but you wouldn’t have it any other way

That’s when you know you’re really close.

12. You have joked with each other that no one else will get

“Sorry, you wouldn’t understand… it’s a sister thing."

13. You feel obligated to spoil her

Take her shopping, buy her coffee and food, you name it. You basically have no backbone when she wants something.

14. She leaves her stuff all over the bathroom

Especially her hair… UGH.

15. She’s always on board for a sleepover and gossip session

16. She’s got an equivalent amount of sass, if not more than you

Eye rolling is her specialty.

17. You got the same presents for Christmas, but they were “slightly different”

“Wanna trade? I like that color better.”

18. You can only be really weird with her and she won’t judge you for it

19. Anytime she’s in the car with you, you seem to miss a turn or get lost

She distracts you with her stories and you seem to forget where you’re going.

20. She’s your favorite person to mess with

And she’s a good sport about it too!

Love ya, Jess <3