20 Things Every Curly Girl Can Relate To
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20 Things Every Curly Girl Can Relate To

"Did you straighten your hair?"

20 Things Every Curly Girl Can Relate To

From growing up with frizzy hair, to bad haircuts, we're all in this together. Here are 20 other occasions every person with curly hair can relate to.

1. It takes hours to straighten your hair.

Because of this, you rarely straighten your hair. When you do, you get this response:

2. "Did you straighten your hair?!"

No. It's naturally straight. I just normally curl it. Every. Single. Day.

3. Then you hear this: "It looks so good! You should straighten it more often!"

Please see number one. There is a reason I don't... Also, I actually like my curls (well, most of the time).

4. And this: "Wow! Your hair is so much longer straight!"

Really?! I haven't noticed.

5. When it is not straightened, people like to pull on your curls and watch them spring up.

While this can be annoying, especially when unannounced, you secretly enjoy pulling your corkscrews and making them shrink back up when you are bored.

6. People with straight hair don't understand exactly how much time curly hair takes.

In reality, you just decided to wake up at six for work like a normal person instead of 3 just so your hair has enough time to dry halfway before having to leave.

7. People don't understand why you can't blow dry your hair.

I would rather not have my hair be a frizzy mess.

8. People are surprised when they find out you don't own a brush.

Much like a blow dryer, brushes create frizz.

9. The number of hair products you own is slightly ridiculous.

You own at least three different types of conditioners and even more styling products.

10. And even with all of these products, you still occasionally find yourself giving up on trying to get your curls to cooperate.

11. Luckily, curls that don't cooperate are good for three things: braids, messy buns, and up-dos!

I think it is safe to say that thanks to my curls (and skating), I'm practically a pro at all three.

12. If you grew up in a family filled with straight hair, your parents most likely tried to treat your curls as if they were straight strands.

13. As a result, pictures of your childhood consist of you with big, poofy, frizzy hair.

and you couldn't be more thankful for the day you discovered a YouTube video that saved your life (in my case all of the hair-care videos by waterlily716).

14. For as long as you can remember, your parents tried to comb through your curls with the help of Johnson's Kids No More Tangles Spray.

As much as the spray was supposed to help, having your curls brushed out was still painful.

15. The idea of having your curls brushed out again makes you cringe.

You'll do whatever it takes to avoid the brush.

16. Humidity is another one of your least favorite things.

Unfortunately, this one is a little harder to avoid and is the main reason your hair ends up in braids or a messy bun 90 percent of the summer.

17. Having to adapt your routine to meet your curls' needs each day.

Frustrating, but worth it. After all, what person with straight hair can say the tightness of each curl changes on a daily basis and their hair, therefore, is never the same two days in a row?

18. Instead of your hair growing long, your curls just grow tighter.

19. You have heard most, if not all, of the following statements:

20. But in the end, you wouldn't trade your curls for the world because you wouldn't be you without them.

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