Essential Songs For The Perfect Good Vibes Playlist
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Essential Songs For The Perfect Good Vibes Playlist

Small town? Night drives? This is your new playlist.

Essential Songs For The Perfect Good Vibes Playlist

If your favorite activity to do with your friends is drive around aimlessly all night then this is for you. My friends and I constantly struggle with finding something to do. The nearest beach is hours away. There are no mountains to hike up. But there are long back roads that lead to the middle of nowhere. Nothing is more peaceful then speeding down open roads where there's not a single person in sight, only trees, the bright moon, and beautiful stars. When we can't think of anything to do, we hop in a car, roll down the windows, turn up the music, and drive for hours.

Music undeniably enhances this experience. Add these songs to your good vibes playlist to ensure a fun night drive with your best friends.

Dance, Baby! by boy pablo

@soypablo777 on Instagram

Out of My League by Fitz and The Tantrums

@thepursuitofbeingme on Instagram

Electric Love by Børns

@bornsmusic on Instagram

Can I Call You Tonight? by Dayglow

@dayglowband on Instagram

Mariposa by Peach Tree Rascals

@peachtreerascal on Instagram

Electric Feel by MGMT

@whoismgmt on Instagram

Are You Bored Yet? by Wallows, Clairo

@wallowsmusic on Instagram

3 Nights by Dominic Fike

@dominicfike on Instagram

Feeling Lonely by boy pablo

@soypablo777 on Instagram

Maniac by Conan Gray

@conangray on Instagram

Alright by Supergrass

@supergrasshq on Instagram

Tongue Tied by Grouplove

@grouplove on Instagram

Marlboro Nights by Lonely God

@itslonelygod on Instagram

Someone To You by BANNERS

@bannersmusic on Instagram

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

@s0ultune on Instagram

Left Hand Free by alt-J

@unrealaltj on Instagram

Hot Rod by Dayglow

@dayglowband on Instagram

My Type by Saint Motel

@saintmotel on Instagram

Talk Too Much by COIN

@coin on Instagram

Kids by MGMT

@whoismgmt on Instagram

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