20 Signs You're Obsessed With Disney

20 Signs You're Obsessed With Disney

Disney is for everyone!

You are never too old for Disney. Growing up you watched every Disney movie possible and even as you have reached adulthood you still do and that is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are obsessed with Disney you have probably done the following:

1. You've dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween.

It was likely that you had done this as a child but even in your adult years you have done this. This past Halloween I saw this mother dressed as Ursula and her daughter was Ariel and her son, a baby, was flounder. The looked awesome!

2. You have been to DisneyWorld and/or DisneyLand

The wonderful thing about having two parks on each side of the country means you get to travel as well. DisneyLand being the original park has its perks as does DisneyWorld. Though I like DisneyWorld a lot more, I still love both parks.

3. You know the names of all the Disney Princesses and their princes.

The ones that aren't actually given names get confusing but you know the princess by heart. You also know Aurora's name and do not just call her sleeping beauty. Even the ones with no technical princess claim. such as Mulan, but we still love her anyway.

4. You have seen at least one Disney Channel Movie and liked it!

It might have been one of the High School Musicals or maybe even Lemonade Mouth. It is ok those movies are often inspiring and have great soundtracks.

5. You have a Disney Board on Pinterest.

This board might just have quotes from your favorite movies, costumes you can wear, normal clothes that can be made to look like outfits from the movies. Or maybe it even has ideas in how to design your house in a disney way. You never know what you will want to do.

6. You have a Disney playlist

This is obviously essential for you disney break out where you just want to jam out to some awesome music. Sometimes you just feeling the mood to scream "make a man out of you" at that top of your lungs.

7. You randomly sing a disney song.

This is where your disney playlist will come in handy, but those moments that other people just randomly sing a song stuck in their head. You do this except with Disney songs and just break out randomly and if you have the right friends they will join in with you.

8. You quote Disney Movies without it being involved in the conversation.

Disney can be very inspirational!

9. You watch "Halloween Town" ever year around Halloween.

You also watch it other times during the year and that is ok too!

10. You've released a floating lantern after watching "Tangled."

11. You've taken a picture with a Disney Mascot.

I know I personally waited almost two hours just to get a picture with Rapunzel, my favorite Disney Princess. It was worth it and then Peter Pan thought I was a pirate because of my nose ring, he got mad at me until I explained that I was a good pirate.

12. You've gotten a Disney Tattoo.

Whether it is real or fake you put it on your body and loved every minute of it.

13. As a child you where given false hope for what your hair would look like.

As we grew into adulthood the realization that you cannot walk out of the ocean and have prefect hair. Nor can you create volume to get your hair to look like Jasmines.

14. You've done disney Karaoke.

15. You've named a pet after a disney character.

This shows your ultimate dedication to Disney, giving the name of one of your favorite characters to a pet. My one friend named her cat Pascal, after the chameleon in Tangled, that I gave her for Christmas one year.

16. You've used a "dinglehopper" to comb your hair.

While watching ariel you learned all the silly words Scuttle uses to describe human things to Ariel. But thingamabobs is just a cooler word to use for things.

17. You've bought and worn one of these outside of Disney parks:

These hats/headbands were the prize of your trip and you bought them for a reason. Why spend all that money to only wear them in the parks?

18. You know about the conspiracy theories.

The theory that Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene show up in Frozen and how apparently Rapunzel and Elsa and Anna are cousins. The ship that Ariel swims in and likes to discover things apparently is also the same ship that Elsa and Anna's parents died in. But in reality they didn't die and they landed in Africa and some how they are Tarzan's parents. But it is all a theory, right?

19. You've done the Disney College Program

...or wish you could

20. You've taken a BuzzFeed quiz about knowing Disney facts.

Nothing to be ashamed of, they are just so compelling to prove that you know all the disney characters or movies. Take this BuzzFeed quiz to evaluate your obsession level!

Keep dreaming, because when you wish upon a star your dreams do come true! Just ask Jimmy Cricket.

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