20 Signs You're Definitely in College

Each and every college student has similarities. Although everybody attends different schools in different places, the every day struggle of a college kid is one in the same. In this article, I have highlighted only a few of the major signs you are definitely in college.

1. Your favorite time of the day is bed time.

2. You have thought to yourself, "How bad can stripping REALLY be?"

3. All you want is a place where shower shoes don't have to exist.

4. You've wondered if you had Mono because you're just that tired.

5. You'll wear those sweatpants for the third time this week (no one should notice).

6. The most phone activity you have are the emails sent by the school.

7. Only three hours of homework seems like a win in your book.

8. Netflix and Chill better just mean Netflix and Chill.

9. You have a better diagnosis of yourself than the campus doctor ever could.

10. You've become what you never thought you would be: a basic Starbucks coffee drinker.

11. Decent food has become equivalent to gold; it's rare.

12. When the dining hall serves pasta you assume that's the safest choice.

13. Procrastination defines your character.

14. They weren't lying about Ramen Noodles and Easy Mac.

15. Walking around campus is worse than any time spent at the gym.

16. Wearing a lanyard is instant freshman status.

17. If there is an elevator, you use it.

18. You strive to take three naps a day.

19. Now that you have three classes a day you can't imagine being back in high school.

20. Even though you're usually tired, you can't imagine being anywhere but the college you're at.

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