20 Reasons Why CSU Is Better Than CU
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20 Reasons Why CSU Is Better Than CU

I recommend taking a close look at #16.

20 Reasons Why CSU Is Better Than CU

If you are a college student, or have experience in a college town, then you know the extreme pride most students and alumni have for their university. However, if you attend school anywhere in Colorado, then you know the extreme rivalry between University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University, even if you don't go to either universities.

DISCLAIMER: I am V-E-R-Y proud CSU Ram, so many and most things said in this article will be biased, and completely opinion-based. But, I also tried to do my research and threw in some facts. At one point of my stressful college hunt, I was interested in both schools; but, there was a clear reason why I belonged at one and not the other. So before you baby Buffs get your Ralphie undies twisted up, I must admit that Boulder does have some great perks. Indeed, the Flatirons are undeniably beautiful, and "The Hill" is something that everyone should experience some point in their college careers... if you know you know ;). I do believe that Boulder is the better university for some students, considering I have close family members and friends who became Buffs. However, with that being said, I have summed up some reasons why CSU is undoubtably the better school... to me at least ;)

1. Colorado State was recently named the nation's "greenest" university, meaning we are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable.

2. Our Veterinarian Sciences and Agriculture programs are outstanding.

3. Horsetooth Reservoir: five minutes away from campus with awesome hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. There are also cabins that people rent in the summer and winter for fun.

4. Fort Collins has some of the best microbreweries in the world.

5. Downtown Fort Collins, old town, was Walt Disney's inspiration when creating Disney Land's "Main Street"... no big deal.

6. It was obvious to me that Fort Collins and CSU is WAY MORE down-to-earth compared to CU Boulder.

7. I thought the term "dirty hippies" was used way too loosely when CSU students described Boulder students.... until I visited.

8. Our annual "Tour de Fat" bike ride: dressing up, drinking, and bike riding all around Fort Collins.

9. Another annual tradition: our end-of-the-year Undie Run. (PSA: everyone knows many CU students come up for this).

10. Fort Collins is also home to a major brewing company: Budweiser.

11. The Yuppie-to-Student ratio is much lower at CSU.

12. Even though both schools have relatively high acceptance rates, the latest 2014 statistic shows that CSU's is 80% and Boulder's is 84%... just saying.

13. CSU's colors are gold and green; as CU's are gold and black, black like their hearts.

14. At least our Mascot's name actually rhymes: "Cam the Ram" vs. "Ralphie the Buff". Can someone explain?

15. There is a reason why people call Boulder the "Southern California" of Colorado.

16. "Sko" is not a word: I repeat: SKO IS NOT A WORD. Whenever this atrocious word is spoken by the university-down-under, a CSU student gags.

17. If you watch the show "Baby Daddy," actor Derek Theler, who plays a Danny Wheeler, is a born bred hunk and CSU alumni.

18. CSU gives more financial aid than CU.

19. You can often find a CU student hot boxing their parents BMW.

20. CSU has a higher retention rate than CU, but don't worry fellow Buffs, we DO take transfers ;)

Whichever school attend, whether it be CSU or CU, you can get a great education and experience, it all depends on what your preferences. But it was obvious to me that CSU has above-average professors, students, and town, which made my college decision very easy. Fort Collins quickly became my home away from home.. and I know that the 23,235 other students would agree :)

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