Hello, friends. June 27th, 2017 was Harry Potter Day, and we are celebrating 20 years of the existence of Harry Potter.

This weekend, as I sat at home, and contemplated what I should write about for my first article on Odyssey, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a ton of Harry Potter themed ads floating around in my News Feed, and decided to start off on Odyssey by writing about something I am passionate about.

So without further a-do, here are 20 reasons why I still love Harry Potter as a young adult:

1. The Harry Potter series were the first books that drew me into reading, and the reader that I am today.

2. As I was a child who grew up in the late 90's and early 2000's, I was influenced by the characters, such as Hermione, to study in school and now in college- even if I didn't have a "Potions" or "Spells" class.

3. How the characters grow up throughout the storyline is relatable. Well, as relatable as wizarding children can be to regular children.

4. The books exemplify what healthy friendships should look like.

5. Many of my own friendships have started or grown because of our common love for Harry Potter.

6. I LOVE Tom Felton. I wouldn't be as crazed about him (in The Flash on the CW) as I am now without seeing Draco Malfoy grow up in the movies.

7. The soundtracks make amazing vinyls (and of course are aesthetically pleasing).

8. Molly Weasley is a kickass mom! And of course we feel for her when she loses a child, but she doesn't forget about her other children despite her loss.

9. There is so much awesome merchandise to buy. Yes, I still wig out at any time during the year in my Ravenclaw scarf, earrings, and t-shirts!

10. Fantastic Beasts came out in my young adult years, and it takes place in America! This would not have happened without Harry Potter!

11. My family still re-watch the movies for family bonding times.

12. Quidditch is a thing on college campuses!

13. Harry Potter is an angst-free series. Mostly.

14. The books show the world that abuse is not okay, and no one should have to put up with it.

15. J.K. Rowling expertly wrote on romantic relationships, but curbed the lust-y scenes. She also knew how to write fight scenes and break up scenes nonchalantly.

16. I still believe in happy endings, and Harry Potter had a happy ending.

17. All of the characters worked hard and worked together as a team to defeat Voldemort. Teamwork is important.

18. There were good mentors in the books, such as Sirius Black and Hagrid.

19. There are thousands of YouTube videos with content about the Harry Potter world. As a fan of both YouTube and Harry Potter, I appreciate the two being put together.

20. The Harry Potter World is one that will forever live on, and one I hope to share one day with my children.