20 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You're Down
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Health and Wellness

20 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You're Down

Helpful tips to boost your mood when life isn't going so great.

20 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You're Down

Everyone can agree that sometimes life is rough. Whether you've had a bad day or a bad week, taking care of your mental health is so important. When nothing's going right and you're not sure what to do, some of these tips might help you feel better!

1. Stand tall

Have good posture. Put your shoulders back, straighten your spine, pull your abdomen in, elongate your neck and keep your head up. This will stretch you out a little, so you're less tense. Feeling taller may give you a little boost of confidence. Also, it'll make you consciously in control of your body.

2. Take a shower

Showers are so therapeutic. There's just something about the warm water running down on you that has a serious calming effect. And showers are private, so it's a whole lot of time that you can take for yourself to relax, think and not have to worry about interacting with other people.

3. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself

This may sound dumb or conceited, but I promise it might help! In a society that is filled with negative stereotypes and images of who you should be, it will never hurt to remind yourself that you're great.

4. Make a list of positive things to be thankful for

Sometimes when you're down, it's easy to focus on the negative aspects of life. Make a list of the positive things, even the small ones. You woke up this morning. The sun is shining. You ate a delicious sandwich for lunch. You get to see your friends this weekend. There's so much to be thankful for even when life isn't the greatest.

5. Take a nap

Naps are great. Period. You get to relax and not associate with the world for a little. Plus, as a sleep-deprived college student, getting some sleep is like winning the lottery.

6. Drink water

Water is a necessity. It makes everything better, and most people don't drink enough of it. An average person should drink 6-8 glasses a day, and drinking enough water helps stop the symptoms of dehydration that are making you feel bad (a headache, fatigue, etc.).

7. Excercise

Exercising releases dopamine and other chemicals in your body that make you feel good. Yeah, your brain will remind you how much you're struggling on the treadmill, but the feeling you'll get afterward will remind you that it was worth it. Plus, being in shape is a good bonus.

8. Breathe deeply

We definitely take this action for granted. It's really calming filling your lungs with air then completely emptying them. Deep breathing is prevalent in yoga practices, and it's really a great way to calm yourself.

9. Eat chocolate (or another food you like)

Chocolate is known to be a food to eat when you're stressed. Binging on chocolate when you're upset probably isn't the smartest idea, but eating a food you enjoy will remind you of good memories.

10. Talk to your friends

True friends are actual gifts from God. They're there for the highs and the lows. If your friends aren't there for you when you're down, maybe you should reconsider your friendships.

11. Watch puppy/kitten/baby videos

There's something about the innocence of these youngsters that is always joyful, but just watch something that makes you happy! Maybe it's your Netflix fireplace, your favorite YouTube star or your Snapchat memories -- anything that will bring a smile to your face and distract you from life for a little while.

12. Remind yourself that it will get better

This is an important one. A lot of your feelings can be controlled by your thoughts. Sure, telling yourself everything's okay isn't going to fix all of your problems. However, life can't stay bad forever, so it's helpful to remind yourself that life will get better in the future. Realize that this one negative period in your life doesn't determine how the rest of your life will be.

13. Cry

Sometimes you just got to let it all out. Crying is okay!

14. Drink caffeine

I don't know if this is actually a way to help, but it works for me! Usually, when I'm down I'm also very tired, so a good cup of coffee is helpful.

15. Do nothing

Just relax! Stop trying to do everything and be the person you're expected to be. Life can get busy and be very complicated. Try taking some time to just do absolutely nothing.

16. Make a to-do list of things that you can easily do

It's a great feeling when you check off all the items on your to-do list. Don't fill the list will a bunch of tedious tasks that will overwhelm you. Try accomplishing little tasks such as take out the trash, listen to a new song, or listing all the assignments you have due that week.

17. Listen to music (and dance your heart out)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Music is great for any mood. Dance your worries away!

18. Call your person

Your person is that go-to human being that just makes everything better. Your personal ray of sunshine. For me, they could probably tell me the world is ending, and I'd be totally fine. If you don't have this person, call your mom or your dad, or just whoever will help you see that brighter days are coming.

19. Go for a walk

Fresh air really is good for you. Going outside and breathing in a deep breath of crisp freshness is such a great feeling.

20. Smile

Fake it 'til you make it is sometimes true. Putting a smile on your face might convince other people you're okay, and it actually might convince you too.

Reminder: It will get better eventually. Hang in there! :)

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