20 Pet Peeves Of An Environmentally-Conscious Person
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20 Pet Peeves Of An Environmentally-Conscious Person

How many times do I have to turn off the damn lights?

20 Pet Peeves Of An Environmentally-Conscious Person
Janae Iloreta

Although I wouldn't consider myself the best environmentally-conscious person out there, I have caught myself feeling a bunch of these twenty listed pet peeves multiple times. For those of you who can relate, here's a list to help you feel relieved you aren't the only one thinking about these things. And for those of you who don't feel the same way, here's a little peep into the mind of someone who does, and what they're probably thinking when you accidentally do these things...

1. When the lights or TV aren't turned off in an unused room.

2. Hearing or seeing unused water still running while someone is brushing their teeth, washing dishes or washing their hands.

3. Hearing or seeing a leaky faucet drip.

4. Seeing clean water go to waste.

You can even use leftover dishwater to water plants, too!

5. When people continuously buy plastic water bottles instead of using reusable ones with filtered water.

Unless a national water contamination occurred like in Tokyo or Lanzhou, then there should be no problem in using reusable bottles with filtered water.

6. Seeing plastic water bottles and recyclable paper thrown in the garbage instead of the recycling bin.

7. When an electronic device is already fully charged, yet still plugged into an outlet.

8. When people finish using a charger or electrical appliance but don't unplug it.

(As long as something is plugged into an outlet, electricity is still being used!)

9. Seeing a washer or dryer filled with only 1-2 items.

(Unless it was an emergency, couldn’t it have waited until it was a full load?)

10. Passing by a neighbor who left their hose running unused.

11. The idea of having a water gun fight.

(It brings just as much worry as it does excitement!)

12. Seeing someone use plastic bags instead of a reusable tote.

13. (Other than parties) seeing people use disposable plates and utensils instead of reusable dishes.

14. When someone takes super. Long. Showers.

15. Knowing some people don’t turn off the water in the shower while shampooing/scrubbing.

16. Seeing a fan left on when no one is using it.

17. When a person leaves the window or door open while the air conditioning is on.

The more air that comes in from out the door or window, the harder the A/C has to work and the more electricity it has to use to make the room cooler.

18. Seeing incandescent light bulbs still being used instead of CFLs.

19. Seeing neighbors have to water their plants more than necessary because they do it in the afternoon instead of early morning, evening or night.

The afternoon sun will soak it all up right away before the plants can even get some good hydration, causing you to use even more water.

20. Seeing someone turn on the light even if it’s sunny outside.

(Ever hear of the sun and raising the blinds? Moving the curtains? Opening a window?)

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