20 Necessities For Your Fall Bucket List
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20 Necessities For Your Fall Bucket List

20 things to do this Fall.

20 Necessities For Your Fall Bucket List


This season is all about falling leaves, warm drinks and awesome adventures. Here is a bucket list to make the most out of this season. 

1. Drink a pumpkin flavored coffee. You can get the infamous Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks, of course. You can also get pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts, whichever you prefer. 

2. Watch the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family. It starts October 19, so mark it on your calendar!  

3. Visit a local pumpkin patch. While you’re there, be sure to take cute fall pictures! 

4. After visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin to bring home, carve or decorate your pumpkin.  Helpful hint: If you don’t like carving pumpkins and getting into a gooey mess, painting pumpkins has become really popular. Last year, I painted a pink pumpkin with my monogram.  

5. Eat lots and lots of candy. There are now pumpkin spice and candy corn favored M&Ms! 

6. Navigate a corn maze. 

7. Watch Hocus Pocus and Tower of Terror.  It isn’t Halloween time without watching these two classic movies! 

8. Bake and eat an apple pie. 

9. Jump into a pile of leaves! 

10. Drink apple cider. Starbucks has an AMAZING caramel apple cider- it’s a must try! 

11. Go to a haunted house or haunted hayride. I went to Graham’s Mansion in Max Meadows, Virginia a couple of years ago and it was super fun! Max Meadows is only about 45 minutes south of Blacksburg and is totally worth the drive. 

12. Enjoy a bonfire with s’mores. Nothing is better than hanging out with friends by a fire with a sweatshirt and blanket. 

13. Tailgate and attend all of the Virginia Tech football games. 

14. Make all of the pumpkin recipes you can find on Pinterest. 

15. Take an afternoon drive to see the Fall foliage. The Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful in the Fall and is only a short drive from Blacksburg.  

16. Go on a hike to the Cascades. You might not want to get in the water this time of year, but the with the leaves changing colors, it's an amazing hike. 

17. Plan an awesome costume (or three!) for Halloween. 

18. Make and eat caramel apples. 

19. Buy a flannel to wear. Throw it on with jeans, boots, and a scarf to become a basic white girl in the Fall. 

20. Decorate your apartment. There are so many cute (and cheap) Fall decorations for your apartment. Or you can get really crafty and find things to make on Pinterest. 

Happy fall y’all!

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