It's officially May, and that means that Mother's Day is not far away. For some of us, this realization terrifies us, because we secretly fear that we will never be able to find the perfect gift for our moms. What amount of handmade cards, flowers, or movie dates would possibly be able to serve as a perfect representation of our gratitude for our moms?

As kids, we depend on our moms for everything. As teenagers, we begin to rebel when things do not go as we planned. But as we get older, we finally realize how remarkable our moms truly are.

Sometimes, we forget how much our moms have done for us. We grow up thinking our moms will never understand our struggles, but don't realize that they invest countless hours trying to make sure we're happy.

While you still may not be able to find the "perfect gift" for your mom, there are things that you can tell her you're grateful for. Here are 20 things we can thank our moms for this Mother's Day:

1. Thank you for bringing me into this world.

2. ...And thanks for not "taking me out," even if I really did deserve it.

3. Thank you for all the times you doubled as my counselor, provider, therapist, hair stylist, costume designer, cheerleader, coach, partner-in-crime, and best friend.

4. Thank you for buying me all the things I swore I "needed" from the grocery stores--like that CD..and that sketchpad...and that book...and that pack of gum...and those nasty chips that you totally predicted I wouldn't--and didn't--eat.

5. Thank you for the home-cooked meals and for the times we went out and I didn't have to pay.

6. Thank you for all the times you've used your "Mom powers" to find my "lost" things.

7. Thanks for wiping my nose, tears, and butt. (Not necessarily in that order.)

8. Thanks for allowing me to make mistakes and reminding me that it's okay to be human.

9. Thanks for attending every chorus concert, school play, and sporting event.

10. Thanks for the countless all-nighters you pulled with me to finish a school project that I should've worked on earlier.

11. Thank you for being patient through all of my tantrums, meltdowns, and general sass.

12. Thanks for never considering me "too heavy" to sit on your lap or "too old" to sleep in your room after a nightmare.

13. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when you feel absolutely drained.

14. Thank you for protecting me.

15. Thanks for understanding me without me having to say a word.

16. Thank you for forgiving me and teaching me how to forgive others.

17. Thank you for all the sacrifices you've made.

18. Thank you for disciplining me when I was wrong.

19. Thank you for encouraging me when I was right.

20. And finally, thank you for being the kind of parent and person that I hope to be for my own children one day--graceful, humble, kind, selfless, and overall, loving.

No gift could possibly amount to a mother's love. But every mother deserves a heartfelt "thank you" for all that they do.