20 Legitimate Reasons To Watch Sex And The City

20 Legitimate Reasons To Watch Sex And The City

We all deserve love, respect and a life that makes us happy (no matter who we are or what our personal desires may be).

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Sex and the City (SATC) aired on HBO from 1998-2004, followed by two box office flicks and one prequel sitcom on the CW entitled The Carrie Diaries. It is no secret that the fictional four-some had an extremely loyal fan base, but some critics might not fully understand why. Lucky for you, I am one of those aforementioned fans, and I can tell you exactly why SATC was and still is such a powerful, realistic and inspiring show for women of all ages.

I think the greatest aspect of SATC is that it accurately portrays the lives of four very different women living in Manhattan over the course of six years. It teaches us that not all women are created the same, but we are created equally. We all deserve love, respect and a life that makes us happy (no matter who we are or what our personal desires may be).

SATC displayed the value of choice among women, and how important it is to truly love not only ourselves, but the women around us. These ladies faced trials apart and trials together, but ultimately realized that their friendship was the key to success, and possibly the strongest love that they had in their lives. The writers held nothing back regarding misfortune and hardships. The four main characters trials include, but are not limited to unfaithful partners, partners who love too much, partners who love too little, marriage, a woman's right to never marry, divorce, adoption, abortion, motherhood, co-parenting, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, breast cancer, women's rights in the workplace, self-love and so many more.

However, it is definitely not a show for children, so my recommendation is that teens under the age of 18 should probably take caution before binge-watching this "racy" sitcom. After all, it is HBO, what do you expect?

Alas, here are twenty memorable moments and/or lessons from SATC, and their importance in my personal life. I hope you come to love and appreciate this gem of a television series the same way that I do.

1. Self-love comes first (even in relationships)

2. Acceptance in your season of singleness

3. Let your haters be your motivators

4. The reality of waiting for love

5. The timeless inequality among the sexes

6. Sometimes you need a "voice of reason" from an outsider

7. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY (props to SATC for being ahead of the curve on this)

8. Self-acceptance

9. Sometimes you just want somebody to love (and there's nothing wrong with that)

10. And sometimes you have NO desire for love (and there's nothing wrong with that)

11. Never force a relationship (or couture, apparently)

12. Focus on yourself first

13. Never depend on a man (or woman) to make you feel complete

14. Don't get discouraged when you fall out of love, something greater is coming

15. You will probably always be apart of this competition with at least one of your exes

16. Compromise and communication are EVERYTHING


18. Never dull yourself so that a man will accept you. Keep on sparkling and the right man will come along and love EVERY PART OF YOU!

19. Personality first, sex appeal second

20. Not every man is going to be strong enough to catch you when you fall

So whether you're a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte or a Miranda, remember these important moments, and above all, love yourself ladies. Cheers!

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