20 Ice Cream Shoppes You Must Visit In Wisconsin
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20 Ice Cream Shoppes You Must Visit In Wisconsin

I scream, you scream, we all SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM

20 Ice Cream Shoppes You Must Visit In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is America's Dairyland (stfu California you know it's true) and part of the reason we are so awesome is because of our abundance of ice cream shoppe's and parlors. If you live here and need some road trip destinations, or if you are just passing through, I seriously recommend checking out these 20 must visit Ice Cream Shoppes and Parlors!

1. Belts, Steven's Point

2. The Pearl, La Crosse

3. King Cone, Plover

4. Sassy Cow Creamery, Columbus

5. Scoopy's Ice Cream and Candy, Wisconsin Dells

6. Kelly Country Creamery, Fon Du Lac

7. Babcock Hall Dairy Store, Madison

8. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. Madison

9. Craig's Popcorn Corner, Portage

10. Purple Door Ice Cream, Milwaukee

11. Door County Ice Cream Factory and Sandwich Shoppe, Sister Bay

12. Gessert's Ice Cream and Confectionery, Elkart Lake

13. South Pier Parlor, Sheboygan

14. Scoop Deville, Hartford

15. Mullen's Dairy Bar, Watertown

16. Zesty's Frozen Custard, Green Bay

17. Frogg's Ice Cream, Sherwood

18. Leon's Frozen Custard, Miwaukee

19. Darien Ice Cream Shoppe, Darien

20. The Twist, Greenville

You may gain like 100lbs after going to all these places, but let's be real, it's so worth it!

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