20 Feelings You Probably Still Have When You See Your Ex
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20 Feelings You Probably Still Have When You See Your Ex

It's never really over.

20 Feelings You Probably Still Have When You See Your Ex
The CW

Getting over an ex and moving on is HARD. We all felt at least one of these feelings:

You changed me 

You hurt me 

I still care, always will. 

I hate myself for caring still 

I still think of you 

I hate myself for thinking of you 

I know you are happier without me, and that hurts. 

I still feel like you are the one 

I want you back in my life

I don't want you back, I just miss the memories, I'm hurt. 

I wish you knew how I still cry over you 

You broke my heart and you don't even care 

I wonder if you even think of me

I will never find love because of you 

I feel damaged 

I don't want to fall in love anymore 

I would rather feel nothing 

I feel like I'm drowning in my own tears every time I see you

I want to be happy again, let me free, please. 

I deserve better, but you could of just been..BETTER. 

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