Things Boys Can Do That Girls Love
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12 Little Things Guys Do That Girls Notice BIG Time

We really aren't that hard to please!

12 Little Things Guys Do That Girls Notice BIG Time

Everyone says that girls are so difficult. I mean one could defiantly argue that men are also quite difficult, but that is beside the point.

Most women really aren't that hard to please.

Yes, the big things matter, but so do many of the little things.

Whether you are dating someone or just have a crush on a girl, here are 12 little things that girls love you can do:

1. Forehead kisses

Forehead kisses

Honestly, I am not quite sure why we even like these. They are just cute and make us feel loved.

I think that most girls can admit that they melt when they get these.

2.  Random surprises


There are so many little surprises that you can do for her!

You can write her a little note for when she wakes up, maker her favorite meal for her, or even surprise her by showing up randomly when you know she could use it!

3.  Flowers


Flowers can do so much!

Giving a girl flowers for absolutely no reason other than that you were thinking about her and that you love her is a sure way to her heart.

Also a pro tip for if you don't know what type to get her, go with some that are her favorite color! You can't go wrong with that or classic red roses are also a win no matter what.

 4. Having our hair touched


OK, I don't know if this is every girl per say, but I think a handful of them defiantly do like this.

Personally I would put this on the like 100 times if I could, because dang it feels nice.

You can do this when you guys are just watching a movie or if she is trying to focus on something (like homework) and you have a free hand.

For those girls who don't like to have their hair touched, you can always just touch their arms or hold their hand. It all depends on what she likes.

 5. When you remember things about her


Girls love it when you remember something that she did or said a while back because not only does it show that you listened, but it also shows that you genuinely care.

This can be as simple as noticing her Starbucks order and getting that for her when she has work or just eating her purple skittles because you saw her picking out those ones last time and you know she doesn't like those ones.

 6. Neck kisses


Same thing as the forehead kisses, except these are more intimate since it is such a sensitive area.

 7.  Massages

Massaging kitty

You can go as far out or simple as you want with this one.

If she's talking about how much her feet hurt then you can always surprise her with a nice foot massage while you guys are sitting on the couch.

Or if you want to go all out then you can light some candles and put on some music and really give her the real spa experience, minus the price tag.

 8.  When you bring her backup shoes


This is one that not every girl may immediately think of but when they need them it is a life saver and it shows that you care about her.

If you guys are going out and she's wearing some high heels than keeping some slippers or flats in the back of your car for the ride home is a sweet way to show her that you knew her feet would hurt and that you are there to help.

9. Goodnight and good morning texts


Sending her a quick goodnight and good morning text lets her know that you are thinking about her, which is a super easy way to make her feel special.

10. A cute post dedicated to her


Girls love a random and unexpected post about them.

You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else. Just showing her off and letting everyone know that you love her is sure to make her smile and get butterflies.

 11.  Opening the door for her

Opening door

This is such a small thing that makes girls blush every time. It makes you look like a gentleman and is sure to make her think you are way smoother than you really are.

12. Making a list for her


If you make a list of date ideas for her or a list of things you know that she likes, without even telling her, when she finds out she just may cry.

This is a way to make her really feel like you care about her and it will make her feel so special.

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