The 1989 Tour: A Night That Never Goes Out Of Style
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The 1989 Tour: A Night That Never Goes Out Of Style

10 Thoughts Experienced During Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour

The 1989 Tour: A Night That Never Goes Out Of Style

For the past 10 years, Taylor Swift has remained a household name. From her early country days to her newer pop genre, Swift has remained one of the top-grossing artists.

One step into her concert and it’s easy to see why. From flashing lights and light-up wristbands to moving stages, the concerts always feel more like a show.

With so much excitement in every performance, here are 10 thoughts you will have experienced by the end of a show on Swift's 1989 World Tour.

1. “Oh my God, she’s real!”

The lights click off and the curtain drops. Cue the screams of 14,000+ fans. Appearing in a sparkle skirt and a glitter top, Taylor Swift immediately has you engaged. You then realize that it’s actually Taylor Swift standing there and begin to have a meltdown. Let the crying, screaming, and jaw-dropping moments begin. You’ll probably stand there for a while not moving, but rather taking every second in.

2. “I am slightly too obsessed with this light-up bracelet.”

Bracelets we got from the show. So interactive it was awesome. Awesome light show #taylorswift #1989worldtour #1989 #video #swifties #swift #taylor
A video posted by Daniella (@daniella_malaquias) on

This is thee coolest thing I have ever seen. If you weren’t amused by the bracelet changing colors to the beat, you’re lying. Then you realized it still continued to light up after the show and tapping it uncontrollably was the next entertainment measure taken.


Brace yourself for the moments she brought the classics out. Feelings from your first high school moments emerge as the chords of “Fifteen” begins to play. Or the anger you once felt towards an ex reemerges during “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” Either way, they continue to be some of your favorites.

4. “God bless this Enchanted/Wildest Dreams remix.”

No doubt one of the best performances included on the set list. While it was a slow down to the overall dance-y vibe of the show, it was instantly a crowd favorite. The two songs were meant to be one.

Relive the performance for yourself here:

5. “If you fall…this is going to be catastrophic. Please don’t do that. You’re making me nervous.”

Back flips, swinging around on hanging objects, rolling around on shoes with wheels…the safety of the background dancers was always in jeopardy.

"Young and reckless" only supports danger so far. You only hoped the background dancers had thousands of hours under their belts before performing some of their moves.

Your anxiety only built as soon as you saw them spinning around on light poles that were hanging from the ceilings. You no doubt were in awe, but always had that slight worry they would fall.

6. “How much does an outfit like that cost, and where do I get it?”

Taylor Swift had numerous outfit changes throughout the night, and each one had you wondering this question (especially the light-up, two-piece, pink dress. Imagine wearing that one to a dance.)

7. “Oh man…I can feel the tears coming.”

You probably had one or a few of these moments during the night. You make sure no one is watching and slowly wipe that building tear away from your eye. I promise, it’s just allergies. Yes, I realize we’re inside. I am a special case.

8. “No truer words have been spoken.”

There were a handful of moments where Swift gave inspirational talks to the audience members. If you didn’t leave the concert inspired, did you even actually go? (I actually really recommend this speech to just about anyone. I was brought to tears after I listened to it a second time around.)

“Every single day, we go online and we scroll through the highlight wheel of other people’s awesome lives. But, we don’t see the highlight wheel of our awesome lives. All we see is the behind-the-scenes of our lives. We see every single moment. You see your doubts, you see your fears, you see your concerns. No voices are as mean as our own voices are to ourselves.”

9. “Please don’t leave the stage. I’m not ready to part with this experience.”

You could feel the concert winding down, but not ready to feel the emotions that were sure to follow. You knew it was coming, though, and had to mentally prepare yourself, taking in every last thank you and bow to the crowd. Post-concert depression was sure to shortly follow.

10. “I wish I was Taylor Swift…”

Why can’t I be paid to dance and sing? I want a life where everyone loves me. I wonder if she ever gets bored of this? Probably not. What a life.
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