Tennessee hasn’t beat Alabama in football since October 21, 2006. Let’s be honest -- a lot can happen in 11 years.

2006 -- Sadam Hussein was executed.

2007 -- Steve Jobs publicly debuts the iPhone for the first time.

2007 -- The Kardashians got their own television show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

2008 -- Barack Obama was elected as the United States’ first African American president.

2008 -- Scientists successfully extract images straight from people’s brains.

2009 -- Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself, died of an overdose.

2009 -- Water was discovered on the moon.

2010 -- Instagram was launched.

2011 -- Osama Bin Laden was found in hiding and killed by Navy SEALs.

2012 -- The “Curiosity Rover” successfully landed on the surface of Mars.

2013 -- The Boston Marathon was bombed at the finish line.

2014 -- The first case of Ebola is confirmed in the United States of America.

2014 -- Country star Taylor Swift released her first all-pop CD.

2015 -- A horrible 7.8 earthquake left Nepal in pieces.

2016 -- The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years.

2016 -- Donald Trump was elected as the United States’ 45th president.

2016 -- Alabama won their 16th national championship title (compared to Tennessee’s 6 titles, the most recent one being from 1998).

2017 -- The movie “IT” by Stephen King is recreated and people sexually fawned over Pennywise.

2017 -- The deadliest mass shooting in United States history occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada.