19 Confessions of an Extremely Busy Person

19 Confessions of an Extremely Busy Person

Trust me, I'll get it done.

If you know anything about me, the first thing you probably think of is how busy I am. Here are 19 confessions from someone who is incredibly busy that you can probably relate to:

1. My agenda is completely color coded.

Highlighting every Monday is the best part and I always have my highlighters.

2. I can't go ANYWHERE without my agenda.

Every hour of my day is written down and I cannot make any commitments without it.

3. I have the biggest agenda Lilly Pulitzer offers.

I know, I'm basic. But I don't care. Go hard or go home.

4. I'm involved in everything.

How am I so busy? Oh I don't know, just a part time job, 17 credits, being a new member of a sorority, being philanthropy chair of a society, and everything else in the world.

5. That's how I know everyone.

I'm that friend that you probably hate walking around on campus with because I stop to say hi to everyone I know. That's only because I have been involved in everything. Building Council, Orientation Leader, Greek Life, whatever it may be.

6. I wouldn't drop anything.

Everything I do is something I love. I would never commit to something I didn't think I couldn't handle.

7. No, I don't sleep as much as I should.

Yeah, I wish I got a couple more hours of sleep every night but that is why I don't have Friday classes.

8. I survive because of naps.

I look forward to taking at least one nap a day, even if it's only a twenty minute power nap.

9. Dating is tough.

I set a time to call my parents so planning on seeing someone consistently can be complicated.

10. I rely on lunch dates.

I have gaps during my schedule, so if you're a good friend that I should catch up with, chances are we are going on a lunch date at some point.

11. I don't eat as much as I should.

When I get stressed, I don't eat a lot. My diet will consist of coffee, coffee and coffee.

12. Speaking of coffee, Starbucks knows my order.

Iced vanilla latte with light ice, por favor.

13. I still like to be included.

Please don't use the "she's probably too busy" as an excuse to not invite me to something.

14. If it's important to me, I'm going to make time for it.

Yes, I know I'm busy, but certain people I will make time for.

15. I have chill weeks.

I plan every week on Monday mornings and some weeks, I actually can watch Netflix.

16. I hate when people tell me how busy I am.


17. I am very organized.

Being busy made me an extremely organized person. I have learned about time management and prioritizing because of my schedule.

18. I did this to myself.

I didn't have to get so involved in everything, but I love everything I do and I give 110% in all of my activities. Don't worry about me; I didn't have to do this.

19. Trust me, I know how to handle it.

I've become very used to being busy. If I say I'm going to get something done, I promise it will get done. Chances are, it's on my agenda and I will do it at a specific scheduled time.

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