Do you have an assignment due at 11:59 P.M. tonight? Do you have a huge test you're just not mentally ready to prepare for yet? Most importantly, are you looking to procrastinate until the very last second? Then this list is for you!

1. Check all of your social media apps. Twice.

2. Write down everything you have to do for the week in your planner, and carry over anything that didn’t get done the previous week.

3. Facetime your friends and distract them from their homework.

4. Find your favorite picture and paint it.

5. Learn a new song on an instrument.

6. If you can’t play an instrument, try to learn all the words to a song you’ve only heard a couple of times.

7. Start on your homework for other classes. Work on it for ten minutes and then do something not school-related.

8. Online shop for a dress for your formal that is two months away.

9. Start making a Christmas wish list for your parents (because we know what we want better than them at this point).

10. Watch an obsessive amount of Facebook cooking videos.

11. Try a new recipe from a Facebook cooking video.

12. Look up what concerts are coming to a town near you and plan a trip to go.

13. Start planning your Spring Break five months in advance.

14. Write in a journal, and if you don’t have one, go out and buy one.

15. Try on a bunch of outfits in your closet and take a picture of them for future reference.

16. Get a snack.

17. If all you have in your pantry is stale Cheerios and a brown, over-ripe banana, go grocery shopping.

18. Last but not least, start panicking. Because if you’ve done everything on the list, then you probably haven’t left yourself enough time to write your essay.